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No Pics Today

Today I didn’t make any pics
While I was spending time with
Fam and having a simple meal, just
Like the good ol’ days when
Privacy was still valued
Conversations were audible
And time slowly spent gazing
Truly into their eyes.

Merry Christmas. 😉

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Conversations in a Fall

Dedicated to all wonderful fathers on this very special day.

Me: (Winces in pain) Ugh.. not again..

He: (Rushes over and examines me carefully) Ah, you fell on the exact spot you did some time ago.

Me: (Ruefully) But I’d taken this path all along and nothing’s happened! Just this time my foot slipped.

He: (Smiles kindly) It’ll heal; give it some time. (Looks thoughtfully at me) But you do need to be more careful. Sometimes it could be stones, and yes, sometimes our own two feet.

Me: (Downcast) Yeah I guess… I just didn’t expect it y’know.

He: (Smiles) No one does. But learning to tread carefully while enjoying your walk is important. It takes practice of course, but you’ll get better with each fall.

He picked me up with gentle arms
And tended to my fall
That I now know falling’s worth
And thus, I fear no more.


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Daily Prompt: Connected

Speak my thoughts with
Your words, while I feel
With all your senses;
My heart it quickens and
Calms, with your
Every mood and nuance;
For we are one and the same
Our lives they must entwine
Now that we’re finally home
I am yours, as you are mine.

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Prodigal II

From where I am, I see
Him standing, in the distance
Never once leaving
His worried counternance as
He gazes out anxiously

Till suddenly face lit, and
His eyes shone with recognition
As the sight of me compels
His rushing down towards
Arms outstretched, welcoming

Finally home and safe, in
His sweet, comforting embrace
That nothing matters anymore except
The knowledge that I am home
And home I will be always.

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Price Issue

A quote recently caught my eye:

“Price is only ever an issue in the absence of value.”

I grew up in a middle-income family. We were not rich, but we had enough to afford basic comforts. Grandpa had high expectations – of the way his wife should dress, the food that was placed on the table, the conduct of his children and grandchildren. He would buy intricate accessories for Grandma and expected his favourite braised pork on the table every evening. He was generous with his treats – and his punishments – whenever he felt we deserved them.

He exemplified this quote, that money is never an issue for entities worthy.

Now older, I appreciate this quote, though from a slightly different perspective. No longer I chase the frivolous thrills of new bargains, but prefer entities of lasting quality. No more transient short-term targets, but investible goals and objectives. Not for flighty acquaintances, but quality commitments. 

For want of these, the focus shifts to experience rather than object, which may be pricey or worthless in others’ eyes, yet is exclusively meaningful. 

For want of these, the delight now comes from the journey and its ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, challenges and growth, rather than the destination.

For want of these, the measure of value, intangible and personal, greatly outweighs that of price.

That it becomes true that price ceases to apply when one hankers for the things money can’t buy.

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Anniversary Spectrum

The man was first amused
By my choice of anniversary bake
But then pondered and mused:
What a good omen it made!

For the ten years we’ve stuck together
Through rainy days and sun
A pretty seven-colour spectrum
And many more to come 🙂

(Nope I didn’t bake this ^^)


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I was going to respond to Writing 101 but they want letters so oh well. Anyway, I got ‘plastic’, just apt to exaggerate this true story’s original conversation topic a bit for kicks, written in colloquial English:

Me: Eh… So you really want to do plastic surgery next year in Korea har?

He: (Not looking up from his tablet but nodding his head) Mmm.

Me: (Brandishing pic of hot Kpop hunk) Then may as well make nose also, like this.

He: (Still not looking) No need lah I only want to remove the lines on da face.

Me: Aiyah spend money already may as well do more. Then look like Korean star. Then after that we take wedding photo again there and tell everybody I got married again to a Korean hottie. (Waves hot Kpop hunk photo in front of him again.)

He: (Finally looks up. Stares at the photo a while, then nods his head before returning to the tablet.)

Moral of story:
Men: Never agree to anything your woman asks of you when you are distracted on your phone.
Women: Always ask for what you want when your man is distracted on his phone.

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I Thought I Chose Love

I thought I chose love
When I let go of
Beliefs, so you can be
Here with me

I thought I chose love
When I changed into
What I hope is better
Than what was me

I thought I chose love
When you showed me
It took more than love
For love to live

It was love that chose me.


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Daily Prompt: Mind Reader

That last person who
Caught my eye is the very man
Who’s sitting chillaxed
In his cosy armchair, catching up
On all forms of news
And I guess, unlike me,
Thinking in particular
Of nothing.


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Daily Prompt: He’s (She’s) So Fine

I love him for
His wisdom and strength
His maturity and sense
His quiet countenance

The ways he sees beyond
What the naked eye tells
The calmness that prevails
Amidst stormy spells

I love him for
The way he loves me, not
Spectacular nor flamboyant
Just pure, simple and free.


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