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Daily Prompt: Jiggle

“Hold these for me,” she said breathlessly, as she thrusted her passport and boarding pass into his hands. He waited patiently as she fumbled with the stiff zipper of her purse before it reluctantly opened.

“I want to give you something.”

“You’ve already given me lots of things.”

Dipping her fingers into the open slit, her brows furrowed. Then with a jiggle and a clink, her expression softened into a smile as she brought out a shiny coin. Retrieving her items, she placed the coin firmly in his now-empty palm.

“Here’s our fifty-cent coin. Now you have to come over to spend it.”

“Oh wow!”

She grinned as he gaped and looked down into his palm, then looked up at her.

“I will.”

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Over A Morning Latte

I was clearing out my drafts when I found this one that was started sometime ago (last draft was dated September 10, 2014 20:16!). This seems the best way to conclude it, because though this chapter has been closed, the story never actually ends. 😉

This morning, I was at my usual cafe, picking up my regular coffee. When I pushed open the door, who should I see but him, sipping a latte and reading the papers. He looked up as I entered and smiled.

“Hey there, so how’s things been?”

“You should know better than I,” I half grumbled, sitting down in front of him.

“Ah. That sudden interruption to your daily routine you mean? It must seem quite a distraction and so unsuspecting,” he smiled again, taking another sip.

“Distraction? It turned my life upside down! It confused and distorted! It threw me off balance! It was total destruction! And I’m not out of it yet…” I muttered.

“Now, now. It’s not that bad. Think of it as, well, a sort of training. You know how we practise to better our techniques, or beat our high scores.”

“Training? For what?” I was suddenly curious.

Annoyingly, he decided on that moment to take an eternal sip from his cuppa. When he finally placed it back on the table, he smiled.

“Well you’ll know soon enough, when the time is right.”

And his timing is always right.

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Your Arms Again

Still I lay on my
Side like that night, hoping to
Feel your arms again.


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A Phone’s Death

For once, my phone’s death
Brought soothing relief in a
Forced silent reprieve.

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Daily Prompt: Hideout

Some days
I just want to hide away
Somewhere far, away from every
One, every thing and thought
A hideout, quiet sanctuary
Stillness, even from myself
Just, some days.

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Daily Prompt: Blur

Unlike other encounters to me
Ours have always been hazy –
Dreamlike places I float within;
But then, my love, you are
Unlike other encounters to me.


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Heart of Stone

If my heart was made
Of stone, I’d carve our names so
They’d never bleed alone.

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