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Daily Prompt: Vending Wishes

We need vending machines for:

A hug when we are weary
Moonlight for romance
Humanity when we are unfeeling
Unwavering courage when scared

Some smiles for gloomy days
A can of hope for the desolate
Open doors for prodigal sons and daughters
Freedom for all to take.

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A Million Little Happy Things

Just a random thought: 😉

I’d rather have a
Million little happy things
Than one hefty one.

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I was going to respond to Writing 101 but they want letters so oh well. Anyway, I got ‘plastic’, just apt to exaggerate this true story’s original conversation topic a bit for kicks, written in colloquial English:

Me: Eh… So you really want to do plastic surgery next year in Korea har?

He: (Not looking up from his tablet but nodding his head) Mmm.

Me: (Brandishing pic of hot Kpop hunk) Then may as well make nose also, like this.

He: (Still not looking) No need lah I only want to remove the lines on da face.

Me: Aiyah spend money already may as well do more. Then look like Korean star. Then after that we take wedding photo again there and tell everybody I got married again to a Korean hottie. (Waves hot Kpop hunk photo in front of him again.)

He: (Finally looks up. Stares at the photo a while, then nods his head before returning to the tablet.)

Moral of story:
Men: Never agree to anything your woman asks of you when you are distracted on your phone.
Women: Always ask for what you want when your man is distracted on his phone.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Spotted the little flier? 😉


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To ImPossibility

I was just thinking about this while revisiting past writings.

When the nights get too long
And sleep keeps a distance
When the pain and sorrow
– or anger – threatens

When the soul is weak
And the heart grows restless
Heavy thoughts build up –
Worry, paranoia, guiltiness

Tear away from those chains
To reality that bind
And sprint like a madman
Away for a while.

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Daily Prompt: Terminal Time

What, flight’s delayed?
But I need to go ay-sap!
My laptop’s waning
My phone batt’s ebbing
I need to update my status
Post a post, tweet a tweet!
I guess I’ll go to the cafe’s
Get a cup of coffee
Maybe chat a bit with the waitress
Get into the locality
Lucky I’ve got my
Trusty ol’ pen
My ticket to revisit
Those days of writing by hand.


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I Thought I Chose Love

I thought I chose love
When I let go of
Beliefs, so you can be
Here with me

I thought I chose love
When I changed into
What I hope is better
Than what was me

I thought I chose love
When you showed me
It took more than love
For love to live

It was love that chose me.


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