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Daily Prompt: Entertain

The way he pulls that
Spotlight lamp across his
Chest, saying I’m Ironman!
Or putting on her frocks
Setting the next fashion trend –

Silly funny boy.



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This Season –

Let the light shine in
Even darkest corners, and
The spirit of Christmas inspire
Peace, hope and happiness.

(Photo location: Cape Santiago Lighthouse, New Taipei City, Taiwan)

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Photo Challenge: Transformation

Here lies a myriad of
Seasons, they fall for their
Own reasons; whatever they
May be, they all arrive
At the same destination.


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On Passion: Some Ramblings

I usually don’t ramble on blogposts, because I enjoy privacy. The topic of passion, however, which surfaced with exceptional frequency recently is close to heart and demands release.

I have a lot of fire in my nature, too much perhaps. Passion to me, thus, is a channeling of that fire towards various interests in life, one of which is of course, writing, and am fortunate enough to enjoy it both as profession and passion.

Passion is that unseen force that ignites one’s soul, inspires one’s beliefs, and drives one’s actions. I cannot imagine how I lived those years when I had not known this fire.

Yet, like all fires, passion needs to be handled carefully lest it consumes us too fast; I too am still learning to moderate and achieve balance with a constant fervour that’s not too overpowering.

I encourage everyone, anyone who is reading this to delve into your self – what do you truly live for? What is it you seek in life? If you are not able to make it a full time enjoyment, find ways to have it part of your life, however little it might be. I believe you will find it has a marvellous effect on you. 🙂

Because one must live to truly live.


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The world is balanced in
Fifty percent perfection and
Fifty percent imperfection.


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Daily Prompt: Pursue

Pursue every moment fiercely
In its genuineness
Breathe every second deeply
In its timelessness
For they are soon gone.


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Translated from a beautiful Buddhist saying I read.

The distance between
Life and death is but a breath
Between ignorance and wisdom
But a thought.

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