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Daily Prompt: Humble Pie

It’s tough to swallow
Yet just the desserts deserved
So mistakes are nipped.


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Daily Prompt: Keeping up with the Jones’

Meticulously selected
Cashmere satin silk
Impeccably tailored
By experienced hands
The Armani suit
Of a classic style
Would be my covet
For quite a while 😉


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Daily Prompt: Fear Factor

Perhaps not so much of
Fear but a dislike for
Crowded sardine-packed
Places that make me
Dizzily frustrated
The sense of gloominess
During not-so-intermittent
Rain spells that refuse to
Stop, and perhaps
Sudden feelings of being
Lost and directionless
Which I guess wraps up
The brooding for this
Dark night.


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Daily Prompt: To Boldly Go…

For the new year I shall be:
Braver in decisions
Stronger in will
More composed in demeanour
More befitting in style
Bolder in moves
Wiser in contemplation
More relentless in pursuit
Of my imperfect perfections.


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Daily Prompt: Simply Irresistible

Coyly she sits
Demure and sweet
On a pretty porcelain dish
While the accompanying
Cutlery-in-waiting waits
Aside, anticipating

The moistness of
Dark, sinful morsels
Swirled in velvety cream
Warmth and seduction
That invites the next
Nibbles and bites
Until the deed
Is done and my
Senses spent.


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Weekly Writing Challenge: Daily Elements of Haiku Catchoo!

Somehow the ideas of days and haiku writing gave me all these, as I contemplated sleep tonight. 😉 Now I shall retire for the day.

Monday is water
Blue as the sea and far-stretched
The weekend from me

Tuesday is for wood
Drifting along aimlessly
Until it is free

Wednesday is air
Softly whispering the signs
The passing of time

Thursday is fire
Kindled, the awakened sense
Of liberation

Friday is for love
Golden and sweet as the hours
That the weekend brings


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Daily Prompt: Close Call

I’ve been closely shaved –

Stepping off the pavement
As a car zips by my toes
Sidestep a little crawling snail
Leaving a trail as it goes
Duck quickly under the tables
Before the cockroach lands
Dodge that flying frisbee before
It knocks me into the sand!


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Daily Prompt: I Have Confidence in Me

To be a better person
Touching lives
Walk out in the streets
All in my stride

To face the world braver
Whatever that meets my eyes
And never to look back
On regrettable lies

To believe more in myself
And the things I can do
By the power of my words
For all things true.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

The other day I chanced upon photos from different points in time and most different locations too, with uncannily similar features. Makes me wonder if the music’s the same.



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Daily Prompt: Safety First

Down the dark streets
Lit by the lamp lights
Quarter past three
And no one in sight

The night breeze curls
Around my cold torso
The lonely moon howls
A melancholic soul

I feel the shivers
Chilling my spine
Then I see you beside me
And everything’s alright.


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