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Bus Stop

The bus lurched to a halt and the flaps retracted.

Instinctively, she glanced up, only to be met by a stranger’s eyes. For a moment, they held each other; his mouth curved up into a slight smile and she reciprocated.

In that moment, a meeting, an acquaintance, a brief connection if you must, yet a moment that prompted neither to move. He broke away and she did too.

As the doors clamped back into position, he returned gaze in farewell and she allowed it to be so, a faint smile on her lips as the vehicle pulled her away.


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Discover Challenge: Transcript

It’s uncanny how I was sharing this old memory a while ago and then this prompt surfaced. Backstory and an excerpt as follows. 😉

Casually, he’d retrieved from his bag
A pad of foolscap and a pen
Those words in ink formed steadily
Until his thoughts were spent

In but a while it was finished
When he gazed up with a smile
Then handed me it and watched
As I gasped for a little while

I’d asked him how he did that
He shrugged, saying let thoughts flow
Thence buddings of a writer began
With seeds of words he sowed.


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Dark Waters Deep

He waited at the bridge
For the answer she would give
But was rudely shoved, plunging
To dark waters deep

When he awoke he’d lost
His memories in part
So the girl he’d once loved
From his life thus depart

A new chapter unfolds
A new love and new life
Yet strange dreams haunted
Of the past he left behind

It brought him determined
To delve, at the bridge
But was rudely shoved, plunging
To dark waters deep.

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Everred – Epilogue (Excerpt)

Intense, her memories
Unwavering, his feelings
Their worlds that meet
Yet pass, colliding.

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Everred – Prologue (Excerpt)

One of them caught his eye and flashed him a warm smile which he instinctively returned. Taking it as a sign, she eased over past the rest of the girls and the loud music.

“May I sit down?”

“Please do.”

He straightened his back then leaned back into the couch, draping his arm along its length as she lowered herself beside him. She looked out at her dancing companions and smiled.

“Congratulations on your concert again.”

“Thanks; my boys and I are always amazed.”

“Well, everyone loves you.”

He laughed, then took another sip from his glass. He could feel the warmth of her body against his side as the music blasted in the background.

“I hope they love my music too.”

She laughed, turning to look at him amusedly. “Well of course they do!” Then leaning closer, she whispered into his ear, “I love your music too.” He caught a whiff of the faint scent of her perfume and felt the softness of her curves against his body, and was uncomfortably aware of his latent desires. Hastily he got up, forcing a reassuringly charming smile as he looked down at her.

“Well I’m glad and thank you. Now if you’ll excuse me for a while.”

Turning away from the exquisite bemused thing, he made his way towards the door, stopping only occasionally to acknowledge the congratulatory thumps on his back and clinks of glasses. He placed his glass on the ledge of the bar, then reached out to grasp the door handle, giving it a firm twist to let in a sharp blast of air.

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Discover Challenge: Opening Line

It was the first time, and
It wouldn’t be the last

For her eyes flickered up
Catching his breath fast

Steadily he observed, from
The quiet of his space
And true enough she did
Throw a look at him again

This time he mustered courage
Walked towards her, face aglow
But alas it was her station;  
Smiled a gaze, she turned to go.


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Niyol of Chalegai

My name is Niyol. Niyol from the tribe of Chalegai meaning “white caps”. My ancestors are descendants of the Great White Stallion from the plains and have ruled this land for as long as the sun has risen from the far ends.

The Taheene tribe roams alongside us and we live together in harmony. Taheene means “red soil”, for their kind are always born with a dusty skin of fiery brown. Our wise leaders tell us that we must help Taheene whenever we can because we are the Favoured Ones of the plains, born to be wiser and stronger than them. And so we have always taken care of Taheene, showing them where the best grass are, where the sweetest dew is.

One day, Niyol was running with the winds when Niyol fell into The Bottomless Black. It rained the night before and The Bottomless Black had turned into a pit of red clay. Niyol climbed out but was dirty and covered in red mud.

When Niyol was covered with red mud, Niyol discovered something.

Of the many Chalegai Niyol met, not one stopped to help Niyol. Not one cast his eyes on Niyol at all. Not one stopped to ask Niyol if he was broken.

Soon, Niyol came to a river. Niyol went into the river to become clean again. When Niyol came out from the waters, the river was a muddy fiery red.

And then Niyol understood.

Chalegai did not help Niyol because Niyol was red. Chalegai will bring the red Taheene to grass and water, but Chalegai will not help Taheene when Taheene in real trouble.

Chalegai not true wise, not true strong. Chalegai find grass, but not know strength of character. Chalegai find sweetest dew, but Chalegai not know wisdom of being.

Taheene know. Taheene bring Niyol go river. Taheene help Niyol like brother.

My name is Niyol. Niyol from the tribe of Chalegai meaning “white caps”. Niyol who choose to run with his fiery red brothers.

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