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One Final Rally

He takes a last walk
Down the paths that he made
And arrives at his final rally
Amidst sweet violin strains

Many years ago, he rose to the occasion
The rain fell heavy on burdened shoulders
Today the rain falls heavy once again
A final send-off as he lay down to rest

Forward from our darkest hours we shall rise
Grief and sorrow must then subside
Amidst the rain, we must all stand strong
And amidst pain, our lives must surely go on.


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Ode To The Dinner

Chicken’s not avail right now
The good prata men said
Would I wait thirty minutes or
Take mutton instead

It was getting pretty late, and
I couldn’t sit around to wait
So though it was chicken I wanted
I took mutton instead

Surely there’s a reason why
There’s no chicken right now today;
Mutton’s been patiently waiting
To be savoured too all day.


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Daily Prompt: Third From the Top

Don’t forget
That sunshine comes after rain
Flowers wither, yet grow again
Winter ice thaws with warmth of Spring
Love can make the stoniest heart weep.

Third line from Rob’s post.


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A Visionnaire’s Passing

He took a long walk through
This country, of:
Toiling coolies, slums and riots
Secret societies, unrests and dividedness

He alone believed that
We were much more than this
So alone he paved and fought
For his visions and beliefs

Now he is old, tired and weary
And it is time to lay down to rest
The unknown life of this inspiring veteran
Etched across this city at its best.

LKY and family


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Apologize in a Wedding Dress

Been looking for a mashup of these two but to no avail; this beautiful piano version has to suffice for the mo.

Cold grey afternoon
With the luxury of idleness
Sieving through some fav’rit tunes
For inspiring inspirations

From all the music I could pick
From my brain’s deepest recess
The best that I could do today, is
Apologize in a Wedding Dress.

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Daily Prompt: Twenty Five Without U

Here I stand in this
Place, where memories collide, a
Bittersweet taste.

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Mood Ride

So won’t you rev up those engines
Take me again for a ride
Purple-gold embellishments in the sky
And the mood’s just about right

You know that’s all I ever wanted
No I won’t ask you for more
While the ambience is over easy
Begin again like we have before

Don’t let’s spoil the very moment
Going left or right or wrong
No game of love to play at winning
Just a tune in a perfect song.

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