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Daily Prompt: Circus

Life’s circus holds
A myriad of creatures
Tamed through evolution, yet
Remain wild at heart;
Obedience a learned behaviour
That order may prevail
Until the full moon tears us apart
And our inner beasts appear.

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Daily Prompt: Blank

Was reminded of an old chapter. 🙂

Familiar was the road
Leading to your place
Darkened by night to
Inflict a throbbing ache

Yet, tonight it seems
There’s no more pain
Discard those wayward scribbles
Begin a new page again.

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Waffles & Ice Cream

Feeling a tad cheeky today. 😉

Got me some mogambo
Passion brewing in a cup
Crisp waffles lay melting, with
Creamy milk-ice on top
I like my afternoons relaxed
All quiet and chill, but
It’d be awesome right now to
Be your iced cream I feel.


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Show Me Heaven

Stirred a while now; inspirations finally arrived, muses finally satisfied.

Fingers trail down the
Skin on your neck
My arm rests easy on
Your shoulder back

Draw me a little closer
But never too near
Bring me now in to you
For we are finally here

Hold me with your half-veiled eyes
Part your lips, ravish my soul
Show me heaven, please, my love
Take me, then lead me home.


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The Writer Threw His Pen

A favourite quote woven in.

The writer threw his
Pen in wrath, self-defence;
It struck them in the
Hearts and thence war began

For the pen is mightier
Than any sword or knife
Scars and wounds heal better
Than words sublime.

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First Sight

One day, my love
You’ll walk through those
Secure glass doors
As I strain to catch a first
Sight, breath bated
Of you in my life.

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Daily Prompt: Bedtime

Sleep beckons, thus I bid
Thee g’nyght a thousand times;
The morrow follows this leave
And I’d return by morning light.


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