Conversations in a Fall

Dedicated to all wonderful fathers on this very special day.

Me: (Winces in pain) Ugh.. not again..

He: (Rushes over and examines me carefully) Ah, you fell on the exact spot you did some time ago.

Me: (Ruefully) But I’d taken this path all along and nothing’s happened! Just this time my foot slipped.

He: (Smiles kindly) It’ll heal; give it some time. (Looks thoughtfully at me) But you do need to be more careful. Sometimes it could be stones, and yes, sometimes our own two feet.

Me: (Downcast) Yeah I guess… I just didn’t expect it y’know.

He: (Smiles) No one does. But learning to tread carefully while enjoying your walk is important. It takes practice of course, but you’ll get better with each fall.

He picked me up with gentle arms
And tended to my fall
That I now know falling’s worth
And thus, I fear no more.



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2 responses to “Conversations in a Fall

  1. I love this, bought back all the memories of walking with my father and how when I fell he made everything better, even through the tears.

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