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Daily Prompt: A Brand New You, Effective Tomorrow

My male alter-ego demands to be set free.

While I choose to remain
With my characters and traits
My zeal, my passions
My frustrations and pains
It might be interesting
From different eyes to see
Perspectives of the world from
The new man I’d be.

top3 v1 (Photo: T.O.P of BigBang)


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Daily Prompt: The New School

In my school
Teachers take turns to lead
There’re no uniforms
So individuality can breed

Having positive attitudes
Is the right way to start
Focus with our minds and
Listen with our hearts

We will truly be here to learn
Students and teachers too
If you cannot be bothered
Then don’t come to school

The lessons advocated
Can’t all be learnt in class
But you will come out of them
A bit wiser and full of spunk.


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Daily Prompt: Moment of Clarity

Many a times I had
Cracked my head
Looking for solutions
To problems I’d met

I’d flip the grey matter
Inside upside down
But nothing ever seemed
Appropriate or sound

Then I started blaming
Myself for mistakes
Things I’d overlooked
When things got to my head

But the solutions always come
When I finally let them go
Admit that I was wrong
So I can pick up and move on

I’d sit myself down
At my trusty ol’ desk
Then map out the path to take
And do it to the end.


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Daily Prompt: The Best Day Ever

The best day shall be sunny
With a hint of a strong breeze
It shan’t be too warm
And neither too gloomy

I’d wake up in my own time
But still in the day
Have a great cup of coffee
To take my breath away

Then start off with some wordplay
Get my adrenalin in a rush
Then a bit of reading and musing
At my favourite cafe shop

Probably round up with a dinner
Rosy, romantic and nice
With the man of my dreams
The one by my side.

Footnote: Have been on a bit of a hiatus but am back. Amended that Christmas card a bit and am all set to work on those New Year (writing) resolutions I made. Hopefully all will be completed by the next year-end. 😉

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Way Home

Trees decked to the nines
Or gifts and presents delight
Stories to warm our hearts
Feasting and carolling divine

Yet the real reason for this day
Lies in the revelation
Of the Saviour that arrived
For such mere sinners

Teachings for perseverance
Against worldly dusts
To love, have faith
And absolute trust

The way home mayn’t be easy
But His bloodshed ignites
Signposts in right directions
Exemplified in His life.

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Jubilant in Triumph

Wishing everyone a very beautiful Christmas and an inspiring year ahead.

Christmas eCard 2013 (Awl Scribe)

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Eve of Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve. After running an errand I decided to pop by Grandma’s, since I had some time to spare.

A distance away from her apartment, the sole of my sandal gave way, but I managed to get there before it disintegrated further.

Entering the house, a familiar sense of comfort welcomed me. I placed the snacks on the table and removed my shoes, calling out to Grandma as she hobbled out from her room, smiling at me.

She had just the sticky solution to my predicament, bringing out her trusted Selleys that “glues everything fast”, passing me a tissue to clean off any that got on my hands.

While the mended sandal was weighed under the table for good measure, we sat down to have a meal together.

It was one of those precious afternoons that allowed us to spend some time together, just enjoying each other’s company. Over chicken rice and wantan mee, we chatted about family and daily trivias. I poured out – as always – bits of vexations and frustrations, feelings and emotions that I could never share with any other person. As always, she listened, empathized and at times advised. And as always, all burdens and weariness just comfortingly, magically disappear.

I shared with her the things I have done this whole year and my plans for the next – business plans, writing, teaching – and told her not to worry about me because I have my life all planned out (except for kids, which she has more or less come to terms with, that I am letting nature take its course). She patted me on my hand and told me she was happy to hear that.

We talked about how life, especially in her golden years, should not be spent worrying about her children or grandchildren at that, and that she must know that we love her very much.

It is probably the most beautiful Christmas Eve I’ve had.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Here’s a shot I captured on one of my trips into Malaysia.

It was a long ride in the evening to our destination, along one of the typical rural-like roads that link one town to another. Quaint little stalls would suddenly appear by the roadside, selling simple village snacks or fruit and vegetables grown by the sellers.

As I attempted this shot against the evening sky, I thought the whole picture would turn out blurry with the speed that our car was going, but the end-product is actually not too bad.



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Daily Prompt: By the Skin of Your Teeth

Dare I be cheeky
And say circumvention saved
Me from the attempt.


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Daily Prompt: Festivus for the Rest of Us

If I were king
I surely would decree
A holiday on my birthdate and
The next two weeks or three

We would start each day in reflection
Give thanks for the lives that we have
And honour each of our families
Expressing our love and respect

Next some festivity and fun
With food and sweets and wine
A must-have for the occasion
Dark chocolate cake so divine

Kindness must also be shown
To the poor and the desolated
Bring comfort to those in the streets
With simple gestures and words

But more than the merry-making
Every one should take away
Rekindled values of humanity
To live our lives each day.


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