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Little Star

Once in a while
The stars shine bright
And one would fall
Like you did that night

Brightly you sparkled
Setting me alight
But you have returned
To the skies tonight

You say you’ll always be
That little star to me
I will let you go
Because you set me free.

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The sun shines warm on
Torsos cold but butchered hearts
Lie broken and torn.

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Hopping into Puddles

Chicane’s Poppiholla led me to its origins – Icelandic band Sigur Rós‘s Hoppípolla. Somehow this video always makes me cry :’)

Oh put on your galoshes
Over sock-warmed toes
Gather us all chums
Round the town we’ll go

We’ll knock on doors and run
Steal pears when they don’t see
Pick a fight to bloody my nose
Kiss me under that old tree

Oh give me a heart
Carefree as a reckless child’s
Tho’ our flesh grows old
Our souls shall remain wild.

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Daily Prompt: Pens and Pencils

While the keyboard suffice
Generally, for usual work grind
The good ol’ nib and ink I turn
To in times that require:
More earnestness and focus
Determination and heart

That words flow from my mind
And pulse through fingers and pen
Before bursting forth to stain
Modern papyrus blue and red;
They reaffirm my thoughts and
Imprint them in me again.

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Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots

If content analysis can be both
Qualitative and quantitative,
Which is the more likely
When applied to mass media?

While that is a tough question
Yet from what I observe
Mass surely requires studies of quantities
And media of subjective worth

Hence the perfect solution would be
A mixture of both methods
So mass may be revealed in media
And media in masses.

(Sentence from: Jugenheimer, D. W., Kelley, L. D., Hudson, J. and Bradley, S. D. (2014) Advertising and Public Relations Research. ME Sharpe.)

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