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Faded Words

If words could burn, I think they would with a purest light of the brightest flame.

Her fingers move slowly on
Faded words from a faded memory
Feeling the blunt searing pain
Seep into her heart again

How can it still hurt
After so long
Such a brief moment –
How is it so strong

She knows the road
That they’ll take her down
The world she now lives
Word by word they tear down

Of reading, ravishing and
Making whole
With his eyes, his words and
His bare soul.

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The Writer

I am a writer.

Faithful recounts in childhood diaries, the first hot rush of adrenalin through my veins with my first essay awoke me to the ecstasy of creation. Then, I learnt what it was to love, and to write – such a brief moment that changed my life. And here I am with a portfolio of taglines and a handful of poetry. Where I’ve arrived at and to where I go, it’s what I’ll be.

That we say and hear
Resonates in our souls

That we read and write
Changes the scripts of our lives

The pen is mightier than the sword
For a word exults or destroys

The writer wields within
The magnificent strength of times

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