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Sort of.­čść

Writing is like jizzing;
When it comes it
Explodes uncontrollably
Torrential gushes of glory
Till orgasmic waves subside
With the last drop of poetry.

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Writing Poetry

There was poetry in his fingers
To be written on her.

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Best Poetry´╗┐


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The Writer Threw His Pen

A favourite quote woven in.

The writer threw his
Pen in wrath, self-defence;
It struck them in the
Hearts and thence war began

For the pen is mightier
Than any sword or knife
Scars and wounds heal better
Than words sublime.

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The Wait

Today’s been a longest day
As I crawled into my bed
Enveloped within the sheets
But I need your arms instead

My love, I am so weary
And my spirits are out cold
Won’t you come and lay with me
Breathe life back in my soul

How near away thou art
Yet further than furthest is
How long more should I wait
Till your presence I won’t miss

Send me now some comfort
In these our darkest times
For our love is true for ever
So I am yours and you are mine.

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Daily Prompt: Pens and Pencils

While the keyboard suffice
Generally, for usual work grind
The good ol’ nib and ink I turn
To in times that require:
More earnestness and focus
Determination and heart

That words flow from my mind
And pulse through fingers and pen
Before bursting forth to stain
Modern papyrus blue and red;
They reaffirm my thoughts and
Imprint them in me again.

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To ImPossibility

I was just thinking about this while revisiting past writings.

When the nights get too long
And sleep keeps a distance
When the pain and sorrow
– or anger – threatens

When the soul is weak
And the heart grows restless
Heavy thoughts build up –
Worry, paranoia, guiltiness

Tear away from those chains
To reality that bind
And sprint like a madman
Away for a while.

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