Coffee, Tea Or

We walked back to the car, him armed with provisions from the convenience store, me with two bottles of iced coffee.

We opened the car doors and scrambled in; it was freezing.

He took a swig from his bottle of iced tea, then turned and offered it to me.

“Want some?”

“Nah weather’s too cold. I need hot tea.”

“Alrighty,” he said.

He took another swig, keeping the fluid in his mouth this time. Suddenly, he swiftly turned and leaned towards me while I gasped and pushed him away, him laughing at my glare.

Ignoring him I opened my bottle, then tilted it at my mouth and felt the cold brew gushing down my throat. Much needed fuel for the caffeine addict.

“Do you want some?” I offered.

“Sure, but I want it hot,” he grinned.

“How hot do you want it?”

“As hot as you.”


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Photo Challenge: Cheeky

In slumber he fell
Too good a chance
To strike a few poses
While he’s in dreamland
“Bill, sir” – stifled giggles on
A perfect pic, but joke’s on us cuz
The boy was feigning it!

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Photo Challenge: Transformation

Here lies a myriad of
Seasons, they fall for their
Own reasons; whatever they
May be, they all arrive
At the same destination.


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Words inspired by Peter Adewumi‘s post.

(Photo location: Vlissingen, The Netherlands)

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I do all these crazy things
So that one day
They’d remind me that
I was once this crazy for you.

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Two-Finger Salute

Maybe I might see him again. 😉

Stepping off the bus, she stood at the bus-stop for a moment, one arm clutching her Macbook to her bosom while she held her wallet, the other hand unzipping it busily to slot in her transport card.

Zipping her wallet back up, she proceeded to unzip her haversack. Stuffing the wallet in, she pulled the zipper back up then looked up, heaving a sigh of accomplishment.

At that moment, she saw him.

He was staring at her from the window of the bus she had alighted, which was for some reason still at the bus stop, brows slightly furrowed as though considering something about her.

She stopped and he saw her looking at him.

He gave her a boyish smile, and she smiled back. Then as the bus lurched off, he broke into a warm, acknowledging grin and tipped his fingers in a two-finger salute as she held his gaze, then watched as the vehicle went along on his way before she went on hers, still a smile on her face.

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Waves On Shores

These waves that
One day shall bring me
Home on your shores.​

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