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I’ve always imagined writing contrasting perspectives within a prose would be daunting; my muse inspires a first attempt of darker messages with redeeming resolutions. Initial scribbles became an effective bridge, changing the prose reluctantly to lyrical form:

I wake between the realms of death and life
Not knowing if I’m dead or still alive
The pain that sears, it numbs my soul
Leaves me breathless, down out and cold

No longer can I hear your voice
Lost in my quest for love divine
Will you forsake me in darkness vile
Or save me from this fate of mine

I walk the valley of the shadow of death
Fear and desolation in every breath
My eyes no longer see the truth they behold
For love has passed when hatred stole

No longer can I hear your voice
Lost in my quest for love divine
Will you forsake me in darkness vile
Or save me from this fate of mine

I’m not right stumbling, I can’t see anymore
Yet I’m not wrong, for your light shall restore


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The flames dance slow
On white-cold embers
Night grows still in
Thick brooding silence

Your eyes, they delve
To the depths of my soul
Bathed in stark darkness
What despair unknown

I will not back away
For such a magnificent sight
Will never come again
From this glorious night

Your warm breath caresses
The skin on my neck
As my fingers trace
The curves of your back

I pull you closer with
My lips against your ear
Tremulous, sighs summon
Inner beasts of desire

You look up at me with
Terror in your eyes, yet
Implore sweet salvation
As I take you tonight

It’s too late to run
From this suffocating mire
But dance with me, my love
In pure iridescent fire.

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One Minute

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November 20, 2015 · 15:09

A Sky Full of F****n’ Stars

The night wind passes to tease
Caressing my upturned face
The grass softly pricks beneath
And my heart begins to race

I feel your arm against mine
And the pulses on our skins
Gazing at the velvety midnight sky
Strung with faraway glints

An encompassing vastness with its
Strangely familiar comfort afar
That all I want is to lie with you
Amongst a sky full of fuckin’ stars.

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Daily Prompt: Singin’ in the Rain

To gaze out from the
Warmth of your arms, while
The smell of fresh rain
Crisp, infuses the air
That time passes
With each falling drop
Yet lingers within
The sighs of our breaths.

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Prodigal II

From where I am, I see
Him standing, in the distance
Never once leaving
His worried counternance as
He gazes out anxiously

Till suddenly face lit, and
His eyes shone with recognition
As the sight of me compels
His rushing down towards
Arms outstretched, welcoming

Finally home and safe, in
His sweet, comforting embrace
That nothing matters anymore except
The knowledge that I am home
And home I will be always.

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