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I turn my gaze to the moon, and
Its palely melancholic pallor

I face the demons of my thoughts, to
Destroy them once and for all

I choose to place my happiness, in
My own hands, for now and forever

I want to be enlightened, and
Live like there’s no tomorrow.

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Just A Kiss Goodnight

I sent you off to sleep
Then turned on my amber lights
My muse just takes over and
Overfills my mind;

Each time I feel the wings
Of your beautiful butterfly
They send repercussions and tremors
To my soul from my mind

If you’d gone down another path
Would we have met in time
If I’d taken a different turn
Could you have been mine

All that life can now spare
Are fragments of stolen time
Nothing to our names except
Perhaps, a kiss goodnight.

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Applied Linguistics

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October 16, 2014 · 02:35

When It Rains

When it rains
I like to stand
At my window, safe
Within the shelters of my
Walls and watch the
Resoluteness as it pours;
It infuses me with
A strange melancholy
That cannot be washed away
By the redemption it brings.


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