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It’s funny how people come into and out of our lives in unexpected ways, and how we may never find out the reason why. It had been so long since and it was as though we’d never parted yet things were no longer the same. For the one I left behind so many years ago.

It’s been so long, but
You’re still the same
Disarming your grin
It takes me on
The journey –

It’s been so long, but
I’m still the same
Salvaging pieces of a
Forgotten memory till
I found you

It’s been so long, but
It’s still the same
Thought we’d lost that part of us
Only to retrieve it when
We meet

It’s been so long, and
It’s no longer the same
Someone loves you deep
My finger warms another’s ring
A smile. An embrace.
Our worlds collided for
Just a moment
Still between us
It lays –
A fragment of
Twisted destiny.

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