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He smiled from behind his shades
Raised a brow, cocking his head
Asking if I was coming on;

Alas, he’s not the one I was
Waiting for, so I shook my head and
Waved with a smile bright as day

To which he waved and returned,
A tad wryly, yet a smile nonetheless
Chanced, before we pulled away.

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Waves On Shores

These waves that
One day shall bring me
Home on your shores.​

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Set your sails on these
Raging seas, then make me come
Home finally to thee.

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Day’s End

(Photograph: Sunset at Nollestrand, Vlissingen, The Netherlands)

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Daily Prompt: Voyage

We might have embarked
On this journey together
Once a long time ago, losing
Our way and selves in
Spectacular views and
Wild adventures for
So long, that Providence,
Impatiently loses patience,
Bids us to return.

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Prodigal II

From where I am, I see
Him standing, in the distance
Never once leaving
His worried counternance as
He gazes out anxiously

Till suddenly face lit, and
His eyes shone with recognition
As the sight of me compels
His rushing down towards
Arms outstretched, welcoming

Finally home and safe, in
His sweet, comforting embrace
That nothing matters anymore except
The knowledge that I am home
And home I will be always.

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Majulah Singapura

While everyone hypes and celebrates
Our nation’s fiftieth birthday
A collection of recollections I make
Gratuitous, a celebration my way:

When Singapore is mentioned
To overseas friends, a vision of
Cityscapes, clean and green
Strict fines, stricter policies
All for a harmonious society
Of togetherness and meritocracy

To some folks we may hardly seem
The ideal place to work or live
Where governance seems paternal, and
Some feel, a tad stifling

Yet I am thankful for:

The subsidized public housing
That fulfills our basic needs
The convenient connectivity our
Un-ideal transport system brings
Ever-changing education directions
Imperfect, but striving to achieve

Convenience of neighbourhood food courts
All cultural palates you’d imagine
Our strong defence forces ensuring
The safety of wee-hour streets
So I can contemplate and ponder
The paths towards my dreams

Sure we Singaporeans may very much
Be a complainy boring tech-gadgety bunch
But I suspect deep down inside
Love for our nation is very much alive

All these that our forefathers have built
Shall surely etch and never be forgot
So as we celebrate our golden jubilee
Onwards we go, to brighter futures and beyond.

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Eve of Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve. After running an errand I decided to pop by Grandma’s, since I had some time to spare.

A distance away from her apartment, the sole of my sandal gave way, but I managed to get there before it disintegrated further.

Entering the house, a familiar sense of comfort welcomed me. I placed the snacks on the table and removed my shoes, calling out to Grandma as she hobbled out from her room, smiling at me.

She had just the sticky solution to my predicament, bringing out her trusted Selleys that “glues everything fast”, passing me a tissue to clean off any that got on my hands.

While the mended sandal was weighed under the table for good measure, we sat down to have a meal together.

It was one of those precious afternoons that allowed us to spend some time together, just enjoying each other’s company. Over chicken rice and wantan mee, we chatted about family and daily trivias. I poured out – as always – bits of vexations and frustrations, feelings and emotions that I could never share with any other person. As always, she listened, empathized and at times advised. And as always, all burdens and weariness just comfortingly, magically disappear.

I shared with her the things I have done this whole year and my plans for the next – business plans, writing, teaching – and told her not to worry about me because I have my life all planned out (except for kids, which she has more or less come to terms with, that I am letting nature take its course). She patted me on my hand and told me she was happy to hear that.

We talked about how life, especially in her golden years, should not be spent worrying about her children or grandchildren at that, and that she must know that we love her very much.

It is probably the most beautiful Christmas Eve I’ve had.


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