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Prologue: What could it have lead us to?

She gripped her fingers tightly against one another as she sat, alone, on the bench in the park. Alone she waited, half in anticipation half in nervousness. Will he come? A light breeze started to pick at the leaves near her feet and she could hear her heart beating, as loud and as fast as if it had only been yesterday…

She waited to give an explanation, which was not even her own. Accepting her friend’s profuse apologies, she agreed to relay the message to him, to decline his affections. He had sounded polite and amiable in the chatroom, and more so on the phone. She was surprised at how much she had revealed to a total stranger, yet he was so comfortable to talk to, as if they were long-lost friends.

She strolled past the bustling shop fronts, waiting at the place they agreed upon, an unexpected feeling of peace came over her, something which she couldn’t explain. And then. She saw him, doing what he said he would. She watched as children ran towards him smiling and laughing, as he reached into his large red sack and drew out little wrapped packages again and again, almost drowning in the sea of clamouring hands. And as her eyes met his, a hint of a twinkle appeared in his eyes, and he seemed to be smiling at her beneath the white beard he donned. She walked towards him, curious and almost amazed. He pulled out a handful of toffees, pushed them into her hand and asked, “Is it you?”


“Could you wait for me at the café upstairs? I’ll be done very soon.”

“Sure.. see you then.”

“See you.”

– To be continued –

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Winter Morning

This short prose for Christmas appeared as soon as the imagery for the seasons’ personas did.

Coppered leaves danced
Coyly, she smiled
Barely touching as they passed.

His dark eyes flickered
On her red-gold hair
In a moment, a glance

Autumn is gone,
For Winter has come.

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