The point is…

Well hello and welcome to this space. Firstly, a brief mention about the blog title.

If you have known me for a while now you would know I am a writer by passion (and now that I’ve gotten out of the day job, by profession). Not that I haven’t been at the odd job or two, but that’s another story for another blog. So that accounts for ‘scribe’. The awl, being a point-making tool, lends a figurative twist. After striking out combinations that sound like pub names and children storybooks I was left with ‘Awl and Scribe’. So there you have it.

And yes, I should have seen this coming.

One of the reasons I threw in the towel was so I could finally complete those personal writing projects I began but never could finish. With that, I was also toying with the idea of making my personal works public but it would be putting my heart out on my sleeves, and I wasn’t sure it was strong enough – we writers can be narcissistic creatures.

Since I have been egged into public display by you-know-who-you-are, this blog will house a collection of (i) selected pieces I have written over the past twenty years, and (ii) new stuff that I will be writing for the rest of my life. Access them via the Writings tab to the right of this one or via Recent Posts at the side panel. Comments, feedback and ideas are most welcome, seriously. Address them to Awl and Scribe if you please.

A few other points:
1. Contractions and slangs will appear rather frequently – please excuse them.
2. As mentioned, a selection of personal pieces are made available here. If you are really keen, ask me for private access to the rest of my stuff but trust me, the better ones are already here.
3. Though I have been writing commercially for years, I am surely not the best writer around. Please take all content with a pinch of salt (belachan does the trick too).

Now, what would you like to start with?

5 responses to “The point is…

  1. Lou

    Awl and Scribe, thanks for posting this. There are many of us who are looking for the reason to put ourselves out there as writers. Personally, I’m totally getting the vulnerability factor which goes with the ole time adage: “say it and forget it; write it and regret it!”
    Like you I’ve written professionally for years. Curriculum , reports, speeches, and a literal cornucopia of words, paragraphs and general verbiage for one event or another. I wondered after all that experience; why do I still question seeing myself as a writer? Then it hit me when you mentioned “public display” that I’ve always pretty much written for everyone except myself.
    I applaud your courage to make the shift into owning your gift and using the process to help people like myself who are consciously coming into the unfolding of themselves. Thanks for the lift!


    • Hey Lou,

      Thank you for the encouragement too! Glad to hear that I am not alone in this writing journey, with so many of you guys out there together with me.

      I recently chanced upon an interview of the Original Phantom, Michael Crawford. Even he, such a renowned performer still doubts himself at times, so I think no matter how much we have done this, somehow we would still question ourselves on how effective we really are (I still do heh…) but looking on the bright side, it keeps me humble and always willing to accept criticisms (so far… not too much yet, I hope).

      Do start writing stuff you like, in addition to just for clients – it really IS therapeutic! They needn’t be long – even short proses work for me heh heh.

      Hope to read some of your works soon 🙂


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  3. Usman Khan

    I think it’s cool that you’re following your passion. Not enough people in the world dare to do that, so this was really good to see. 😀 Great job.


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