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Daily Prompt: Collaboration

Dedicated to all musician friends whom I have worked and will be working with 🙂

You would drape melodies
Upon my words, or
I could adorn proses
Upon thy compositions –
Either way, ways for
Befitting fitting collaboration!



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A Hit!

I would be words to
The melody of you and
We could be a hit!

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Discover Challenge: Transcript

It’s uncanny how I was sharing this old memory a while ago and then this prompt surfaced. Backstory and an excerpt as follows. 😉

Casually, he’d retrieved from his bag
A pad of foolscap and a pen
Those words in ink formed steadily
Until his thoughts were spent

In but a while it was finished
When he gazed up with a smile
Then handed me it and watched
As I gasped for a little while

I’d asked him how he did that
He shrugged, saying let thoughts flow
Thence buddings of a writer began
With seeds of words he sowed.


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A collaboration of like minds, a paradigm shift in perspective.

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The Writer Threw His Pen

A favourite quote woven in.

The writer threw his
Pen in wrath, self-defence;
It struck them in the
Hearts and thence war began

For the pen is mightier
Than any sword or knife
Scars and wounds heal better
Than words sublime.

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The Writer

I am a writer.

Faithful recounts in childhood diaries, the first hot rush of adrenalin through my veins with my first essay awoke me to the ecstasy of creation. Then, I learnt what it was to love, and to write – such a brief moment that changed my life. And here I am with a portfolio of taglines and a handful of poetry. Where I’ve arrived at and to where I go, it’s what I’ll be.


That we say and hear
Resonates in our souls

That we read and write
Changes the scripts of our lives

The pen is mightier than the sword
For a word exults or destroys

The writer wields within
The magnificent strength of times

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