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Amazing Grace

A bout of tumultuous thoughts descended as I turned on my machine to work, and what should greet me but today’s message from ODB. The title brings me back to sweet renditions of that familiar hymn and reminders of a warm embrace.

He never fails to remind me
Yet sometimes I feel
Underserving to receive
What He gives and fulfils

Yet I need it now, my Lord
Even more so than ever
I fear I cannot see the light
That I’ll stumble on forever

So be with me right now
As I descend again and fall
Let Your graciousness prevail
And see me through it all.

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The Inconstant Hero

I am perfectly poised to
Crash and burn;
A willing volunteer
Heading for
Sweet destruction

When the time comes
Bring me down
Gently, my dear
Grant me instant death and
Rebirth by grace

So give me chastity and
Give me constancy, but
Do not give it yet
Till I could be hero
Just for one day.

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Our roots, like those of
Trees, keep us grounded firmly
So we can stand strong.


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Time Trickles

My muse calls on an excruciatingly slow afternoon!

Time trickles oh so
Slowly, my love
It refuses to release me
From my thoughts
That I linger in the
embrace of my
Memories till with
You I am again.

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