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Resplendence, Year of the Steed

Hasten, you majestic ones
Of noble resplendence and wisdom
With your thundering hooves, pave
New paths to magnificence.

2014 Lunar New Year eCard (Awl Scribe)

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Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

It was a mad rush
To complete all the tasks
Which I’d set out to do daily
With the same amount of time

Sudden hiccups and
Last-minute changes
They added to the stress
Such irritating nuisances

But then I’d gritted my teeth
Pushed my luck thru’ late nights
Just to get everything all done
So I can breathe again alright.


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Daily Prompt: Your Days are Numbered

Well I was thinking of
Getting creative and all that
But it’s been so hectic all day
Mr Brain protested instead

So let’s see what
There is left to say
About this date today yesterday
The twenty-sixth

‘Twas spring-cleaning time
Around the whole house
Wipe, clean, pack, chuck
So the man cooked our meals, what luck!

The preps for the coming
Of the lunar new year
Is seriously no joke
Since the time is very near

I shall also take the chance
To announce the leave I’d take
Returning with the man to his hometown
For a while you won’t see me around

But once I get some connection
You can betcha last dime
I’d hit straight to the daily prompts
For some awesome writer time!


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Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

I actually have the book in mind – and its draft – but no time to continue with it at the moment.

Well, maybe not the jacket blurb but part of the first bit… I hope. And soon. 😉

Those early mornings.

When the sky’s attempt to hold on to those last still moments of darkness are thwarted by the first hesitant call of the earliest bird. When the cool air envelops you in a thick blanket of dark velvety blue, providing an immense sense of comfort and assurance, and you know you are safe as you sleep. When I stirred and grew aware of all those, and of the towel wrapped around my child torso to keep me warm through the night, and of the sounds of running water and occasional clinks of ceramic mugs from the kitchen, just outside the bedroom I shared with my grandparents, as Grandma started her first chore for the day.


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Daily Prompt: Nice Is as Nice Does

What makes me feel good
Are little spontaneous acts
For strangers or loved ones
When they least expect
A quick smile, a timely hand
An unexpected word
of kindness and yet
Not taking away anything
In turn, except maybe
A collection of
Genuinely human
Warm reactions.


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Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

When I look in the
Mirror I see more lines
Though I feel much the same
As when I was twenty-five
More lines on my face
Etching life’s lessons learnt
But a wiser me I get
In return.


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Daily Prompt: But No Cigar

The writer’s devil called
One day to invite
Me down for a chat
And an offer in sight

They asked me to present
All the things I’d writ
They liked my stuff
And wanted me in

They’d pay me a nice sal
But there was a price
For the name and the fame
The writer’s soul I’d sacrifice

Looking back on retrospect
It would’ve been nice
To have my name printed on cards
But nothing would be my right

I guess I was lucky
To have the chance to balk
Now my words are free
For my passions to a fault.


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Daily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Happened quite a few times and the roller-coaster rush of emotion change always gives me a high.

When things fall in place
By the skin of the moment’s teeth
The saving grace it receives
That changes its fate
And anxiety, that
Wearisome feeling
In a lightning blink
Morphs into
Delightful glee.


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So sorry for deviating from the recent prompts but my mind has a mind of its own these few days it seems.

Sometimes it takes
One big circle of
Contemplation to realise
That the one purpose in
Each of our lives is simply to do
What we are meant to do
In each of our lives.


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One Minute

What can happen in one minute?

Arriving at a cash withdrawal machine this evening, I noticed the previous person did not remove his withdrawal receipt. Nonchalantly I pluck it off the slot and left it on the top of the machine.

Then I saw his cash at the cash slot, still waiting patiently to be taken.

There was no one when I got there, and it seemed passers-by did not see the cash. Or maybe it was too insignificant an amount to be worth the trouble.

But whoever forgot his money did not seem to have much left to live by, from what the figures on his withdrawal receipt tell, which I had hastily retrieved from the top of the machine to have another look.

His time was 21:36. Mine was 21:37.

Perhaps in another minute, the money would have been whisked away by someone else who thought it was his lucky day.

Well the bank has been contacted and the person’s withdrawal receipt has been forwarded to them (branches and phone banking are all down – only way is via email darn it.). Waiting now for the bank to tell me how to return this money to the owner. It may not be alot of money, but I think he needs it. And yep, it does feel good to be doing a good deed.

How did you spend one minute of your time today?


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