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The Interlude

It all began there, within the still coolness of the restaurant. He’d drawn her into that conversation over an after-lunch coffee as she sat across from him, listening to the sound of his voice drawing her in. She heard herself giving in to his suggestion of going over to his office nearby.

She took in a sharp breath as they entered the building; it was quiet and deserted, and no one expected them to be there. The lift opened and he led her to a door opening to a frosted-paned cubicle. She entered the room, curiously looking at the bookshelves lined with thick volumes and the disheveled clutter piled almost neatly on the carpeted floor. There were no windows and no one would know. Dropping his haversack onto the floor, he walked quickly over and she drew closer to where he was. In the moment that it began, they’d hit it right on and they knew where it was headed for. With a surge of urgency, he asked if she would come to his place that afternoon to finish what they had begun. As he sped across the highway, she realized that that there would be no turning back from it all.

His apartment was cozily furnished, with polished wooden furniture and a touch of rustic ambience. In silence, she followed him into the room, and waited. He had admitted that she was not the first he’d brought home since his wife was away, and she knew that no one would be able to stop what they were about to do then. When he was ready, they eased in slowly, picking up from where they’d left off. Let’s go slow, he said. We’ve got plenty of time.

His fingers moved so surely and excruciatingly that she could not help holding her breath as he did it over and over again. What began softly and gently rose and swelled as they delved deeper into each other’s thoughts. Whenever she closed her eyes, she could hear the sweet sounds that resonated and surrounded them. And as they reached the climax of it, she could feel the emotions rise and fall with the decent after the peak. Again and again, they succumbed and gave in till nothing more could make it more complete, until they were spent and done.

It was a good song remixing session.

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