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Reason for Love


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Zealous Year of the Rooster

Wishing everyone a spirited new lunar year of the Rooster of good health and abundance of success.2017-lunar-new-year-awl-scribe


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Coffee Lover

I used to drink instant
Coffee, artificially sweet with
Trace amounts of genuineness;
Until, by chance, I found real
Coffee – grind, heat and pressure in
Perfect measures, the perfect brew.


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Angels & Demons II

Demons – as angels
Shall watch over us all
But instead of rising, they
Destroy our souls to fall.


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The Stranger

More than once we’d been at the same place at the same time. Maybe there is a story both our souls could tell.

I saw him again today –
Coloured etches up his arm, they
Infiltrate, partially concealed, behind
A quiet demeanour, leathered
Trinkets and woven chains, adorning
The story they tell.

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Time is never on our side
But may sometimes be persuaded
To conspire with us awhile.


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Discover Challenge: Transcript

It’s uncanny how I was sharing this old memory a while ago and then this prompt surfaced. Backstory and an excerpt as follows. 😉

Casually, he’d retrieved from his bag
A pad of foolscap and a pen
Those words in ink formed steadily
Until his thoughts were spent

In but a while it was finished
When he gazed up with a smile
Then handed me it and watched
As I gasped for a little while

I’d asked him how he did that
He shrugged, saying let thoughts flow
Thence buddings of a writer began
With seeds of words he sowed.


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