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Rochor Centre

They throng here, enthusiastic
With their cameras and phones
Making pictures, instaworthy, of
These colours before they disappear
Each shot a moment gone
In the moment of the shot itself
Until the last of these memories
Are taken, away.

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Angels or Demons

Some of us are either
Angels or demons in disguise;
Some of us cannot decide.

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When The Lights Are Down

When lights are down and stars are out, the morrow begins where Love is found.

(Photo location: Sint Jacobskerk, Vlissingen, The Netherlands)


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I just wanna walk with
You, my hand nestled around
The crook of your arm, the
Cold evening breeze chaperones
Peaceful, along the boulevard;
You laughed to something that I
Said, and I did too, for the
Joy your presence made;
Stay this moment and we’ll
Never be closer, yet never too
Far, from now to forever.

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Daily Prompt: Maddening

And what a lovely vision I had today.

One day, love, we’ll be
Far away from maddening crowds
Sitting close by in
Our living room, as the sun sets
Golden ochre hues
Washing over us, as we sip
Our coffees, and turn
To marvel the beauty in such
Quiet, blissful peace.

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Consciousness & Love

I was musing on the theme of absence of love and this scene played out in my head. 🙂

Consciousness sat alone at the bar
A whisky drying in his hands
He glanced up at the door from which
Love walked out with dissent;
The doors swung open, in they walked
Deceit, Confusion and Pride
Espying a chance for tomfoolery
They advanced to commence the ride

Sat them down two and one aside
They drank and heard his sorrows
Then pried them open his empty heart
In which vessel they vilely poisoned;
‘Twas not long afore inebriation filled
The place with raucous laughter
Where Consciousness lay in half-stupor
With a heart contemptuously withered

But hark those footsteps soft and sure
They stopped at his side and waited
Trailed her hand down his flushed-browed face
As she leaned and gently whispered;
His eyes flicked open as her words tore down
The coldness that gripped his heart, as he
Stood up slowly and reached for her
And took her in his arms

For Love had only stepped away
When anger threatened to destroy
But she would never leave his side
Through joy and sorrows, day and night;
Take her, protect her and keep her close
That our lives may sustain our spirits
For Love is gentle and kind and true
And everlasting, an eternal haven.


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Once I had a dream of you
Before me in a white dress
You were going somewhere far
Where I could not follow yet;
You looked so lovely as you smiled
And asked if you looked fine
I held you and said I’ll always be
In your heart where I’ll reside.


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