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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

He sings sunny tunes
Of love like candy floss, sweet
But the crowd walks by.



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Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections

It must have begun with those diaries
Which I very diligently wrote
To preserve eventful memories
Of things I’d seen or spoke

Then one fateful day I penned
That commended page of description
That virgin masterpiece that gave
My spine a thrilling sensation

I guess I never forgot
That first taste of writer’s success
When it rekindled in later years of youth
There was no more turning back

I didn’t realise yet this was my gift
Until it was by chance
Someone needed a copywrite
And so my career begun

It did not start out easy
But I was happy just to write
To see the words form on each page
From all those thoughts inside

The more I wrote the deeper I loved
I guess I developed some knack
Till it’s now a delirious addiction
But I think I’m on the right track.


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Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

On aging I observe
Some people just never
Grow up while others
Mature before their time

I’d like to grow wiser
In thoughts and actions
While I attempt to destroy
My wrinkles by annihilation

Yet as I try to age
Gracefully through the years
I get bombarded by
Juvenility that appears

In latest pop hits and fashion styles
They attack my aging cells
Till I become unrecognizable of age
Which is actually pretty swell.


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Daily Prompt: Pour Some Sugar on Me

Love is like a bomb
And desserts like a drug
Sometimes I get cravings
For that quick sugar rush

My fav has gotta be
Dark choc lava cake
Serve warm with vanilla ice
What a truly orgasmic taste!

Delicious fluffy waffles
Crispy yet soft inside
Add fruit or cream or maple sauce
Such delectable delight!

Sweets and bakes and candy
For which I suddenly crave
There’re just too many for me to list
Oh I’ll do it after my cake!



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Passing Storm

It was one of those evenings
That proved a little trying
Seems I was being tested
For wisdom and will

You know how life brings
Nothing at times
Then suddenly all together
Torrents and land mines

That in times of weakness
One has to simply hang on
For the storm will soon pass
If your light shines strong.

Jesus, Sailor & Storm

(Painting: Warner Sallman)


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Daily Prompt: If You Leave

Just a few years ago
I decided I had enough
Of selling my soul
In a compromising job

My true passion was calling
I could no longer wait
Restlessness got more restless
Being cornered made me irate

So meticulously I planned
The major career breakup
Then picked out a beautiful day
To send the letter up

I was counting down the days
And saying my last goodbyes
Nobody really thought I’d leave
Till it hit between the eyes

So here I am standing
One year after the break
Doing the things I love
With some sacrifices I’d made

But I’m glad I took flight
Before it got too late
Find myself in the world outside
Life is too short to wait.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Cherry blossoms blush
Along oriental streets
Coyly they beckon.

But it really is
In the heart of the city
On a windy night 😉



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Eating Lunch

He shuffled towards our table
Grasping his plate with
Both hands, a figure lost
In the crowded market

Sitting down aside in front
Of me, he placed his plate
Down, then walked away only to
Return with a plastic-cupped drink

Then he began to eat
Wolfing mouthfuls of hard rice
Not once stopping, as though
His hands had a mind of their own

Keeping his head down, he continued
His almost frantic repertoire
As though he couldn’t wait to
Be done with his chore and leave

Yet, a reciprocating smile
When we made space for him
And again when we offered
Him tissue after his meal

Before he parted ways from
A brief encounter in this our lives.


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Daily Prompt: Let’s Go Crazy

Broken out in song
In a crowded hallway
Waited backstage for the
Male lead to sign my page

Returned a random smile
Dropped coins in someone’s hands
Took a slow walk in the rain
Sent a letter to my fav’rit band

Said a prayer for healing with
A stranger’s hand in mine
Tasted reckless passion
Sweet pain just like red wine

Fought for my right to love
Eloped and ran away
Then to live out each moment
For the rest of my days.


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Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

There are always moments
Immortalized in the tunes that play
At the right time
And in the right place

As we lay in Fields of Gold
The minutes went by really slow
I Wanna Spend My Lifetime Loving You
But first let’s go for a Joyride or two

Raise our Hands to Heaven
On a truly Perfect Day
In my arms you’d Stay Awhile
Don’t let it slip away.


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