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Peaceful morning, quiet space
Enrique can take my breath away
Cup of hot coffee, brownie with ice
Aromatic sounds to acoustic vibes

Steep me here in timelessness
Brewed companionship a must
Musical fidelity by grace, and
Elvis saves the best for last.

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Ode To The Gibraltar

Serendipity falls on a
Rainy day, when I found him
Secluded, quite hidden away

I don’t think we’ve met
No, we haven’t – yet

So I stayed and discovered
Him, of exceptional taste
When we parted I prayed
We would meet again with haste.

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Where intensity meets
Smoothness; kick in with your
Sweet strength, loaded.

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Coffee, Tea Or

We walked back to the car, him armed with provisions from the convenience store, me with two bottles of iced coffee.

We opened the car doors and scrambled in; it was freezing.

He took a swig from his bottle of iced tea, then turned and offered it to me.

“Want some?”

“Nah weather’s too cold. I need hot tea.”

“Alrighty,” he said.

He took another swig, keeping the fluid in his mouth this time. Suddenly, he swiftly turned and leaned towards me while I gasped and pushed him away, him laughing at my glare.

Ignoring him I opened my bottle, then tilted it at my mouth and felt the cold brew gushing down my throat. Much needed fuel for the caffeine addict.

“Do you want some?” I offered.

“Sure, but I want it hot,” he grinned.

“How hot do you want it?”

“As hot as you.”


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Ethiopian Sidamo

Darkly he steeps
Smoky and pungent, with
A hint of fruitiness in his
Lingering after-kiss –
Quietly intense, my
Ethiopian single-origin.


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Robust and full-bodied
Creamy yet strong
Hit me up this afternoon
With your sweet sweet spot.

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He loved coffee.
He wanted coffee.
She made them some coffee.
He said it’s too much, that coffee.
It scalded him, that coffee.
Doesn’t rejuvenate anymore, that coffee.
What good is non-rejuvenating coffee?
They had different preferences for coffee.
She stared at the cup of coffee.
Slowly turning cold, that coffee.
She tried to warm that coffee.
She wanted to scream, sometimes, at that coffee.
Still she never upsetted the coffee.
So it sits on the table, that coffee.
A single shot of a coffee.

Make it a double next time sweetie –
One more for the heart.

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Over A Morning Latte

I was clearing out my drafts when I found this one that was started sometime ago (last draft was dated September 10, 2014 20:16!). This seems the best way to conclude it, because though this chapter has been closed, the story never actually ends. 😉

This morning, I was at my usual cafe, picking up my regular coffee. When I pushed open the door, who should I see but him, sipping a latte and reading the papers. He looked up as I entered and smiled.

“Hey there, so how’s things been?”

“You should know better than I,” I half grumbled, sitting down in front of him.

“Ah. That sudden interruption to your daily routine you mean? It must seem quite a distraction and so unsuspecting,” he smiled again, taking another sip.

“Distraction? It turned my life upside down! It confused and distorted! It threw me off balance! It was total destruction! And I’m not out of it yet…” I muttered.

“Now, now. It’s not that bad. Think of it as, well, a sort of training. You know how we practise to better our techniques, or beat our high scores.”

“Training? For what?” I was suddenly curious.

Annoyingly, he decided on that moment to take an eternal sip from his cuppa. When he finally placed it back on the table, he smiled.

“Well you’ll know soon enough, when the time is right.”

And his timing is always right.

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Reason for Love


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Coffee Lover

I used to drink instant
Coffee, artificially sweet with
Trace amounts of genuineness;
Until, by chance, I found real
Coffee – grind, heat and pressure in
Perfect measures, the perfect brew.


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