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Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat

I used to play in my primary
School military band
Flare skirts and knee-high socks
And my good ol’ cornet

Then a year of outdoor formations
Playing Rhapsody In Blue
A switch to symphonic overtures
And my French Horn’s mellow hues

Took a break in college
Then back in varsity years
When we Summon-ed the Heroes
Through sweat and toil to cheers.

Ah, those were the days! 🙂


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Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time

If I had a whole day
All to myself
I’d wake up
At my favourite o’clock
Air my brains a few hours
Chilling in the hot sun
With a cup of great coffee
And some cinnamon buns
Think up some lines of poetry
Stay out with friends till late
Then back to hit the sack
That would be just great!


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Daily Prompt: Never Gonna Give You Up

Well I am not viceless
But I simply cannot abide
Cruelty and meanness
Boastfulness and pride
Spiteful and unreasonable
Rudeness and self-pomp
I guess that’s enough vileness
To last the whole year long!


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Daily Prompt: Money for Nothing

Imagine waking up
To my dream job;

I’d turn on my laptop
With a cuppa in the morn
The jobs come in emails
Like those hired professionals

The ideas would be awesome
And the writing a breeze
My apologies, I’ve got a call
From my client in Greece

I’d be a renowned copywrite
Imprinting the world with words
But I should stop dreaming
And get back to work

Then perhaps it won’t be long
Before I reach that pinnacle
Just gotta keep on writing
To prove my word’s worth.


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Random on Valentine’s

Random on Valentine's

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February 14, 2014 · 13:35

Daily Prompt: Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves (Unfortunately)

Maybe it’s the oily dishes and
Their soapy suds
Or perhaps the dusty curtains
That demand to be scrubbed
Polishing the full-height mirror
Of its coat of fingerprints
Or spring-cleaning the whole house
While the dust makes me sneeze
I guess I hate perspiring
Perhaps that bothersome tired feeling
Oh I don’t know which to hate
I guess the whole lot of it!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

One of the guests that paid us a visit this Lunar New Year. 😉



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Daily Prompt: Isn’t Your Face Red

Embarrassment makes
Me ignore everyone else
So I can’t be seen.


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