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The Seed

For the seed I’m given
Let me plough in the soil
Washed by storms and
Nourished by grace;
I know not its outcomes
But harvest by faith.

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Ideal State

Between human subjectivity
And absolute knowledge
Lies the ideal state of mind
Where I long to linger
Yet cannot reside.

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Conflict Of Interest

A conflict of interest
One might analyse
When unconditional love
Feels good hurts bad
That holding back sometimes
Too, is giving instead.

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Anniversary Spectrum

The man was first amused
By my choice of anniversary bake
But then pondered and mused:
What a good omen it made!

For the ten years we’ve stuck together
Through rainy days and sun
A pretty seven-colour spectrum
And many more to come 🙂

(Nope I didn’t bake this ^^)


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Against the night breeze I
Past the night to my windows

In full view the stars
Shone and twinkled, from
Cloudless clear velvet

Sudden threads began weaving in
The mind’s darkest recess
Quietly they conceal

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