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I hadn’t written in a while so I asked for a muse and got ‘glass’. Glass it is.

He lifted the glass to his lips and took a drink. Soft ambience music and quiet voices of other customers around him threatened to mingle with his thoughts.

Alone in a foreign city, he was a traveller between worlds, a dreamer lost in his conquests.

“Your glass looks lonely.”

He looked up as a female voice said quietly. It was matter-of-fact yet bore a hint of conspiracy, almost a whisper in his ear.

He hadn’t noticed her before, but there she was, gazing at him with a smile, sitting a few stools away, her drink held between her fingers with casual poise.

“Well then, it would be a pleasure if your glass could keep it company.”

“Don’t mind if it does.”

She walked over, placing her glass carefully beside his.

“It seems to be almost empty.”

“Yeah, it’s been here for a while. Hadn’t done much except to give me a taste of the city thus far.”

“And do you like what you have tasted?”

She looked at him as she tilted the contents in her glass between the parting of her lips.


“But there is more to the city than what your glass has to offer.”

“I’m sure there is.”

“Maybe I can show you… around.”

“That would be most delightful. And I’m sure my glass no longer needs my company now that it has yours for that.”

She laughed a little, a wink of amusement in her eyes, then both of them stepped out of the bar into the night, while his glass and hers remained, out of sight.

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He smiled from behind his shades
Raised a brow, cocking his head
Asking if I was coming on;

Alas, he’s not the one I was
Waiting for, so I shook my head and
Waved with a smile bright as day

To which he waved and returned,
A tad wryly, yet a smile nonetheless
Chanced, before we pulled away.

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Daily Prompt: Retrospective

Looking back, on
Words I said, words I didn’t
Bleeding from my pen or fingers;
People I’ve met and lives I’ve led
Where shall my words go from here?
Perhaps, my friends, with you
Still further yet.


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Wine & Friendship

A friendly poetry challenge
Appeared with a similar theme
So here’s the previous post
Re-formed in poetry. 🙂

He was seated at the table
Glass of wine in his hand
Sultry was the afternoon
Some summer breezes fan

The town bustle and chatter
Filled the air in his wait
Till he looked up as he heard
Her voice – “Sorry I’m late!”

He set his glass down, as she
Arrived at his table
A smile on his lips
“I’m glad you were able.”

“Well I kept my promise
To meet you today.”
He took a sip from his glass
His eyes not leaving her face

She reached for her own
Lips curled in a wicked smile
“Amici e vino sono meglio vecchi.”
Made him guffaw a while

“Are you saying that I’m old?”
He winked and took a sip
“I’m saying we get better with age
Like fine wine and friendship.”


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Daily Prompt: Passport

For our minds are our
Passports in this spectacular
Adventure we call life.


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Everred – The Journey III (Excerpt)

“What are your plans after graduation?”

He let out a loud guffaw, then took another long draw, and she felt a little miffed. She could see the grey wisps he exhaled floating up the sky into nothingness.

“What a question, and what a time! But I haven’t really thought about it though… how ’bout you?”

She thought a little, then said carefully, “Something related to art, perhaps.” She brought the opened can to her lips and took a mouthful, then set it down beside her on the stony ledge.

A distance behind, both of them looked out at the two youths as the boy laughed, both back facing them. She turned resolutely towards him, with almost an inquiring look on her face.

“I was serious you know, and there you were making a joke out of it.”

He fell silent, but continued gazing at the two youngsters; the girl was holding out an instant camera at arm’s length, both of them posing for pictures.

Quietly, she pulled out a polaroid from her bag and handed it to him. He seemed slightly shocked, then awed, as he held the faded photograph closer to scrutinise the picture, a smile creeping up the corners of his mouth. She felt a little awkward.

“I… I kept all our pictures from then.”

“You’re an inspiration to me. You always have.”

He looked up abruptly from his scrutiny and his eyes met hers, like they did once a long time ago. She broke away quickly, blushing more from his gaze than her confession.

The boy took another puff, then looked wistfully into the distance, at a fan-sign of a band with him in it.

“I will conquer the world. And I will take you, everywhere.”


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