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Had a deja vu of this prose after writing it. A strange muse.

Reaching in I took it out
Carefully, while it continues its
Steady beating

I watched as it pulsated
Like clockwork, so sure and steadfast
Yet it could not feel

No recollections of when or how
It had begun, this resurrection embraced
In its impenetrable shell

May be for better, or perhaps
For worse; but bearable for the
Unmoved solace it brings.

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Ideal State

Between human subjectivity
And absolute knowledge
Lies the ideal state of mind
Where I long to linger
Yet cannot reside.

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Amazing Grace

A bout of tumultuous thoughts descended as I turned on my machine to work, and what should greet me but today’s message from ODB. The title brings me back to sweet renditions of that familiar hymn and reminders of a warm embrace.

He never fails to remind me
Yet sometimes I feel
Underserving to receive
What He gives and fulfils

Yet I need it now, my Lord
Even more so than ever
I fear I cannot see the light
That I’ll stumble on forever

So be with me right now
As I descend again and fall
Let Your graciousness prevail
And see me through it all.

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Passion Makes

Passion makes
The right wrong and
The wrong right.

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A Million Little Happy Things

Just a random thought: 😉

I’d rather have a
Million little happy things
Than one hefty one.

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I Thought I Chose Love

I thought I chose love
When I let go of
Beliefs, so you can be
Here with me

I thought I chose love
When I changed into
What I hope is better
Than what was me

I thought I chose love
When you showed me
It took more than love
For love to live

It was love that chose me.


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Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections

It must have begun with those diaries
Which I very diligently wrote
To preserve eventful memories
Of things I’d seen or spoke

Then one fateful day I penned
That commended page of description
That virgin masterpiece that gave
My spine a thrilling sensation

I guess I never forgot
That first taste of writer’s success
When it rekindled in later years of youth
There was no more turning back

I didn’t realise yet this was my gift
Until it was by chance
Someone needed a copywrite
And so my career begun

It did not start out easy
But I was happy just to write
To see the words form on each page
From all those thoughts inside

The more I wrote the deeper I loved
I guess I developed some knack
Till it’s now a delirious addiction
But I think I’m on the right track.


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