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Daily Prompt: Proclivity

He has puppy eyes
She has a seductive pout;
He is medieval chivalry
She is fluid charm;
In between a million
Proclivities, drawing them
Together, spellbound.

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This Season –

Let the light shine in
Even darkest corners, and
The spirit of Christmas inspire
Peace, hope and happiness.

(Photo Location: Cape Santiago Lighthouse, New Taipei City, Taiwan)


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Sun and Moon

That inspiring “The Last Jedi” quote compelled a response. 🙂

Hope is like the sun;
If you only believe it when you see it
You’ll never make it through the night.

Faith is like the moon;
If you should be blinded in the darkest of times
Look to the heavens for it’ll shine a light.


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Coffee, Tea Or

We walked back to the car, him armed with provisions from the convenience store, me with two bottles of iced coffee.

We opened the car doors and scrambled in; it was freezing.

He took a swig from his bottle of iced tea, then turned and offered it to me.

“Want some?”

“Nah weather’s too cold. I need hot tea.”

“Alrighty,” he said.

He took another swig, keeping the fluid in his mouth this time. Suddenly, he swiftly turned and leaned towards me while I gasped and pushed him away, him laughing at my glare.

Ignoring him I opened my bottle, then tilted it at my mouth and felt the cold brew gushing down my throat. Much needed fuel for the caffeine addict.

“Do you want some?” I offered.

“Sure, but I want it hot,” he grinned.

“How hot do you want it?”

“As hot as you.”


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Photo Challenge: Cheeky

In slumber he fell
Too good a chance
To strike a few poses
While he’s in dreamland
“Bill, sir” – stifled giggles on
A perfect pic, but joke’s on us cuz
The boy was feigning it!

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