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Amidst the bustle of activity, something seemed to change, so quickly yet subtly. In place, there was an air of careful caution.

Dusk had fallen.

As you led the way trailing some others ahead, we laid our steps carefully enough to not wake the bodies sleeping on the ground. My eyes fell upon your back – you were broader and stronger than I remembered you to be. Falling around your shoulders, locks of hair glistened where it caught the light.

Deviating from them disappearing straight ahead, you turned right and I followed. We were met by a steep flight of wooden stairs leading down to an open doorway. A sharp draft gusted as we went down – it was a cold morning. Nearing the bottom of the staircase, I caught sight of a German shepherd, standing guard at the exit. Instinctively, I stretched out my hand and petted it, then you did too and it became friendly and did not bark. We got past it and were on our way.

“You’re not worried at all, are you?”

All I remembered was I was not afraid because it was a place I knew. You took my hand – it was an unsafe situation – then we went up a narrow flight of stairs, much like those one could see flanking a traditional Chinese performing stage.

Seeking shelter, we found ourselves at the entrance to a motel.

A man sat nonchalantly at the doorway which opened up to a troupe of Vietnamese ladies; they were rehearsing for their performance, dancing with strips of silk cloth. It was dinghy but clean.

You walked in to enquire of a lady perched at the counter if there were rooms; she replied in the negative. Turning around, you made your way pass the dancing ladies towards me. Arriving back by my side, you faced me looking weary, then gave me a gentle smile of apology. As we were about to leave, one of the ladies asked us where we were going, and where you were from.

As though in reply, you drew me into your arms and held me quietly. As I lay with my right cheek against your chest, an overwhelming comforting sense of safety flowed from my centre throughout my whole being, and I knew there was nowhere else I wanted to be.

One of the ladies commented that you were a foreigner and another told her she had to remember your face if you were going to be working with them. Turning to us, she asked what you were teaching, in a language I understood but which you did not. I turned to you and translated what she said, but all you did was to gaze at me without a word, still that gentle smile on your face.

And in that long wait for your reply, time seemed to have stood still, before it all faded…


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The Inquisition

“How deep does it go?”

“Deep as possibly imaginable
So deep it might hit
A very sensitive spot
In your soul.”

“Teach me how to strum it.”

“I would first let you hold it, and
Feel its thickness; then
I would pleasure you, starting slowly
Building up more and harder, using
My instrument.”

“Show me.”


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The Proposition

“Come live with me;
I wanna show you my basement.”

“That’s dangerous.
We could become so consumed with all there is.”

“Yes we would.
One might lose one’s mind.”

“I am ready.”


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Everred – Epilogue (Excerpt)

Intense, her memories
Unwavering, his feelings
Their worlds that meet
Yet pass, colliding.

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Everred – The Journey I (Excerpt)

His eyes flickered and he looked up immediately. She smiled.

“Did you forget me already?”

Her eyes met his and his gaze softened momentarily as he took in the features of her face. She blushed and broke away. He grinned.

“Hey babe… it’s good to see you.”

“Awesome turnout here… almost gave up trying to get in.”

“Did you now,” he said, giving her a conspiratorial wink.

Something in that exchange gave her a strange, distant feeling; instinctively she retreated.

“Look, wait for me, I’ll be done in a while… we need to catch up. Same number?”

In reply, she took out her phone and held it out, then leaned closer towards him. He grinned and obliged. As she took the shot she whispered, “Yes.” Then, turning towards him, she returned his wink with a slight tilt of her head before picking up the signed album and walking away. He gazed out after her as she did, a slight smile on his face, then recomposed himself, bestowing the next waiting fan a nod and his signature smile.

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Everred – Prologue (Excerpt)

One of them caught his eye and flashed him a warm smile which he instinctively returned. Taking it as a sign, she eased over past the rest of the girls and the loud music.

“May I sit down?”

“Please do.”

He straightened his back then leaned back into the couch, draping his arm along its length as she lowered herself beside him. She looked out at her dancing companions and smiled.

“Congratulations on your concert again.”

“Thanks; my boys and I are always amazed.”

“Well, everyone loves you.”

He laughed, then took another sip from his glass. He could feel the warmth of her body against his side as the music blasted in the background.

“I hope they love my music too.”

She laughed, turning to look at him amusedly. “Well of course they do!” Then leaning closer, she whispered into his ear, “I love your music too.” He caught a whiff of the faint scent of her perfume and felt the softness of her curves against his body, and was uncomfortably aware of his latent desires. Hastily he got up, forcing a reassuringly charming smile as he looked down at her.

“Well I’m glad and thank you. Now if you’ll excuse me for a while.”

Turning away from the exquisite bemused thing, he made his way towards the door, stopping only occasionally to acknowledge the congratulatory thumps on his back and clinks of glasses. He placed his glass on the ledge of the bar, then reached out to grasp the door handle, giving it a firm twist to let in a sharp blast of air.

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(I Hate This) Love Song – part three

He pushed his fork into the spaghetti and twirled it, then pulled up the caught strands and put them slowly into his mouth as I watched, enthralled at the carefulness with which he ate, thinking how much like a little boy he resembled at that instance. Chewing as carefully, he looked up to meet my gaze and I smiled.

“How’s my recommendation? The food’s good isn’t it?”

“Yeah I like it. Coffee’s great too.”

“I come here to feel young all over again,” he grinned. “But seriously, that it is a social enterprise warrants our support.” “Now I can’t wait for dessert,” I grinned back.

I put my spoon down and took a sip of my ristretto. Warm lighting bouncing off the creamy-white walls amidst the already rowdy ambience of the cosy cafe, and it was barely lunch time. Outside, lush green trees threw shadowy patterns onto the stony sidewalk while bright blue skies beckoned in the distance. It would be a beautiful albeit sweltering day.

Returning to his presence, my eyes met his. He held my gaze, unwavering and steadfast, a slight smile curling up the corner of his lips. I felt uncomfortably aware of myself and wondered what he saw in my eyes. He did not turn away, still motionless yet relaxed, and I began to squirm inside. Flustered, I broke off abruptly and looked away.

He didn’t.

He was still looking. Still stripping me down layer by layer, slowly but surely, till finally I stood before him, bare to my being and naked to my soul.

I took his gaze again, pleading with him to stop. Stop rendering me helpless. Helpless to prevent myself from sinking deeper into his eyes. Eyes that drown out the world, that everything ceases to exist except the two of us.

“I’ll get them to serve our desserts now,” he said finally. I let out a breath, and he laughed and winked.

“What are you thinking?”

“Just wondering…”

Desserts came, a pretty arrangement of sweets and ice. I picked up my dessert spoon as he did. Then he stopped.

“Such a heavenly view.”

I’m gonna give you my heart
I don’t care –
Even if you tear me apart
I want to die in your arms.


– End of part three –

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