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Price Issue

A quote recently caught my eye:

“Price is only ever an issue in the absence of value.”

I grew up in a middle-income family. We were not rich, but we had enough to afford basic comforts. Grandpa had high expectations – of the way his wife should dress, the food that was placed on the table, the conduct of his children and grandchildren. He would buy intricate accessories for Grandma and expected his favourite braised pork on the table every evening. He was generous with his treats – and his punishments – whenever he felt we deserved them.

He exemplified this quote, that money is never an issue for entities worthy.

Now older, I appreciate this quote, though from a slightly different perspective. No longer I chase the frivolous thrills of new bargains, but prefer entities of lasting quality. No more transient short-term targets, but investible goals and objectives. Not for flighty acquaintances, but quality commitments. 

For want of these, the focus shifts to experience rather than object, which may be pricey or worthless in others’ eyes, yet is exclusively meaningful. 

For want of these, the delight now comes from the journey and its ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, challenges and growth, rather than the destination.

For want of these, the measure of value, intangible and personal, greatly outweighs that of price.

That it becomes true that price ceases to apply when one hankers for the things money can’t buy.


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