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The Wait

Today’s been a longest day
As I crawled into my bed
Enveloped within the sheets
But I need your arms instead

My love, I am so weary
And my spirits are out cold
Won’t you come and lay with me
Breathe life back in my soul

How near away thou art
Yet further than furthest is
How long more should I wait
Till your presence I won’t miss

Send me now some comfort
In these our darkest times
For our love is true for ever
So I am yours and you are mine.

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Excluding those fortunate enough to be working their passions.   

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Daily Prompt: Contrast

Was having a discussion about real vs perceived love the other day and thought I’d try to squeeze it into the prompt today.

A quick contrast between
Love, real and perceived;
Where both are beds of roses
The former holds thorns within

For love’s not all sweet and dreamy
There’re pains and sacrifice
I’d rather brave them by your side
Than let us live a lie

I love you as you are
Not only if you’d be
That when I give no return I ask
Except to love you free.

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Daily Prompt: Divide

I have been told that
A soul divided in two
Whose halves meet in a lifetime
Will thence never part.


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