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Going Home

Whenever I go

Home, weary from wandering
Physically drained, mentally worn
And troubled emotionally

Father, with arms wide open
Receives and leads me in
Always, unconditionally

He gives me water to quench
My parched thirst
And hands me bread broken to
Fulfil my hunger

Then washes me clean
From earthy sweat and grime
Till I am renewed in spirit
Trust and faith reignite.

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I Look To You

Everyone needs a pillar of strength sometimes.

When I am weak
Feeling lost and afraid
I look to You
for Strength I pray

When I lose focus
Get distracted and confused
I look to You
for Steadfastness I pray

When all else fails
Amidst uncertainty and doubt
I look to You
for Trust I pray.

Now and for always.

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