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Reason for Love


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How apt to have had this conversation this morning:

We’d so easily bring a little light in the world.
Yeah, you just threw me a high beam spotlight on my life.

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Daily Prompt: Generous

I would be
Generous as the Sun
With its light and warmth
For those who understand
The magnitude of
My love.

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The weight of the world
May only be borne by those
Who deeply feel it.

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I feel the sun’s warmth;
It brings happiness
I see grey slates of rain;
They lament despair

When I love, I love
Your good and bad, unconditionally
If I hate, I hate
With a deep searing pain

I see goodness, hope and faith
In every situation, action, word
However undeserving

My love motivates and inspires
As it devastates and kills –
Deeply, intensely, completely

That nothing could I do but give
Until it empties
The very life it breathes.

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Musing Senses

Sometimes it seems:

Sense of sight stimulates
Thoughts; validation
Of what the eye sees

As hearing evokes
Feelings; sensation
Of what the ear breathes

These out of the five senses
Call for the intangibles, they
Intuitively affect, being
Affectively intuitive.

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