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Peaceful morning, quiet space
Enrique can take my breath away
Cup of hot coffee, brownie with ice
Aromatic sounds to acoustic vibes

Steep me here in timelessness
Brewed companionship a must
Musical fidelity by grace, and
Elvis saves the best for last.

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Something to go
With a glass of red, turn on
The dark night and let
It flow and thread.

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Swept Away

Contemplative Sunday
Nature, vast in peace
An embrace then swept away
With the passing winds.


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Mood Ride

So won’t you rev up those engines
Take me again for a ride
Purple-gold embellishments in the sky
And the mood’s just about right

You know that’s all I ever wanted
No I won’t ask you for more
While the ambience is over easy
Begin again like we have before

Don’t let’s spoil the very moment
Going left or right or wrong
No game of love to play at winning
Just a tune in a perfect song.

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