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On Math, Variables And Constants

He sidled up from behind and peered over my shoulder as I busily scribbled at my desk.

“You are doing Math?”

“You gave me a fright. Yes, I am. Why?”

His grin quickly changed into a look of seriousness when I turned around with a scrutiny of evaluation. He let out a cough at my gaze of suspicion before continuing.

“Well. ‘Y’ is indeed the question.”

“Ehm.. why?”

It was starting to feel like we were pulling neverending puns on each other.

“You know how there are variables in Math equations, represented by letters like ‘y’ and ‘x’ and et cetera?”

“Uh… yeah…?”

“And how usually the value of ‘y’ changes with the value of ‘x’ or vice versa?”

“Umm, yea?”

Was it going to be a revision of calculus? He let out a chortle, as if reading my thoughts at that moment.

“Now, you would say these variables are affected by each other, won’t you? In whatever way they are related.“

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“Now, consider the constant in a relation, sometimes abbreviated endearingly as ‘c’. It is an important part of it, but yet it remains unchanged, regardless what happens to either or both variables.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I was getting more and more perplexed. He must have noticed, and thus let out a reassuring grin before continuing.

“So, assuming both the variable and the constant in a relationship could take on positive values only. The variable could still result in a negative result, but the constant always positively amplifies the outcome. That right?”

He continued, looking at me, still smiling.

“My Math question for you today is: assuming you are a positive value. Would you choose to be a variable, subjected to the fluctuations of other variables, or would you choose to be an unwavering constant?”

He gave me a bright grin, then sauntered away, whistling.

I think I know my answer.


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Where intensity meets
Smoothness; kick in with your
Sweet strength, loaded.

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Prayer II

Be as fire to your winter
The breeze in parched heat
A shower in your droughts
The calm in stormy seas.

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Run Away

Run away with wisdom
Pick up a little strength
Come back to me with passion
And in these arms you’ll rest.

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How then does one flow
As a clear stream of pure strength –
Mastery of life.


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Angel Eyes

This prose is surely not mine
And only a title will I give;
But those who know it know its depths
And the depths it shall redeem.

And when the shaves of pure light
Dance in her clear eyes,
I see my angel for the first time,
Know my purpose, feel my birth,
Hear, at first faintly, then distinctly,
The sweet strains of our union,
Our love heats up the cold universe,
And gives my tired, desperate hope a
Reason and season to be revealed,
We, purified by our kisses,
Are eternally healed.

– ‘Thomas More’ in “The Saint”


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Have A Little Faith

Have a little faith
When the streets are dark
And the nights are cold;
Have a little faith
When the nightmares come
With past ghosts of old;
Have a little faith
When all seems lost
And there’s no way to go;
Have a little faith
Take my hand and our love
Will light the path to go on;
Have a little faith, my love,
In me.

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