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Daily Prompt: Anticipate

Time seemed to have stilled and
Rendered them motionless, except
Her quickened breathing and
Pounding heart; she could feel
His gaze on her, and she hung

Half fearful

Half yearning

On it.



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La Più Alta Poesia

There he was at the table, seated in a cane chair and casual grey pants, shirt casually unbuttoned and a glass of wine in his hand. Sultry was the afternoon except for an occasional summer breeze – a welcoming reprieve. As the town bustle and chatter filled the air, he turned his wrist and glanced down from behind his shades.

“Sorry I’m late!”

He looked up to see her walking briskly towards him, a smile on her face. He set his glass down, and as she arrived at his table, got up and removed his shades, a smile on his lips.

“Yes, you are.”

She grinned as they both settled into their seats and the waiter came with a menu.

“I’ll have what he’s having, thanks.”

He looked at her half-amusedly as she gave a little sigh and eased into her chair, putting her hair to one side as she did. Then, she turned to him with a twinkle in her eye.

“Well I kept my promise. Happy birthday!”

“Haha, yes you did.”

He took a sip from his glass, his eyes not leaving her face. She reached for her glass with a wicked smile.

“Amici e vino sono meglio vecchi.”

“Ha! Are you saying I’m old?”

“I’m saying we get better with age.”

“Indeed. Speaking of which…”

He caught the scent of her perfume as he leaned towards her. She watched him as he did, until he was just a breath away.

“…I’m better at writing now.”

“Are you.”

In that moment, a breath of wine, his fingers on her chin; a flick of her eyes, then the taste of his lips.

Il bacio è la più alta poesia dell’amore.

The greatest poem indeed.


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Amidst the bustle of activity, something seemed to change, so quickly yet subtly. In place, there was an air of careful caution.

Dusk had fallen.

As you led the way trailing some others ahead, we laid our steps carefully enough to not wake the bodies sleeping on the ground. My eyes fell upon your back – you were broader and stronger than I remembered you to be. Falling around your shoulders, locks of hair glistened where it caught the light.

Deviating from them disappearing straight ahead, you turned right and I followed. We were met by a steep flight of wooden stairs leading down to an open doorway. A sharp draft gusted as we went down – it was a cold morning. Nearing the bottom of the staircase, I caught sight of a German shepherd, standing guard at the exit. Instinctively, I stretched out my hand and petted it, then you did too and it became friendly and did not bark. We got past it and were on our way.

“You’re not worried at all, are you?”

All I remembered was I was not afraid because it was a place I knew. You took my hand – it was an unsafe situation – then we went up a narrow flight of stairs, much like those one could see flanking a traditional Chinese performing stage.

Seeking shelter, we found ourselves at the entrance to a motel.

A man sat nonchalantly at the doorway which opened up to a troupe of Vietnamese ladies; they were rehearsing for their performance, dancing with strips of silk cloth. It was dinghy but clean.

You walked in to enquire of a lady perched at the counter if there were rooms; she replied in the negative. Turning around, you made your way pass the dancing ladies towards me. Arriving back by my side, you faced me looking weary, then gave me a gentle smile of apology. As we were about to leave, one of the ladies asked us where we were going, and where you were from.

As though in reply, you drew me into your arms and held me quietly. As I lay with my right cheek against your chest, an overwhelming comforting sense of safety flowed from my centre throughout my whole being, and I knew there was nowhere else I wanted to be.

One of the ladies commented that you were a foreigner and another told her she had to remember your face if you were going to be working with them. Turning to us, she asked what you were teaching, in a language I understood but which you did not. I turned to you and translated what she said, but all you did was to gaze at me without a word, still that gentle smile on your face.

And in that long wait for your reply, time seemed to have stood still, before it all faded…


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Dark Waters Deep

He waited at the bridge
For the answer she would give
But was rudely shoved, plunging
To dark waters deep

When he awoke he’d lost
His memories in part
So the girl he’d once loved
From his life thus depart

A new chapter unfolds
A new love and new life
Yet strange dreams haunted
Of the past he left behind

It brought him determined
To delve, at the bridge
But was rudely shoved, plunging
To dark waters deep.

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Everred – Epilogue (Excerpt)

Intense, her memories
Unwavering, his feelings
Their worlds that meet
Yet pass, colliding.

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Everred – Destination III (Excerpt)

The teenager in front of her gave her a warm smile. She smiled faintly in return. The train was just pulling away and the trees were beginning to move.

“I love photography.”

“I’m sure you do.”

She was not in the mood for conversation, but the girl did not seem to notice it.

“I’m really proud of the pictures I can make.”

She smiled again.

“One day, I will conquer the world.”

She froze at those words, then looked at the girl, who looked her back squarely in the eye. Slowly, a smile crept to her face and she nodded at her, who smiled in return. As they regarded each other resolutely, she took out her phone and made a call.


“I’ll put them up for the exposition.”

And I will take you, everywhere.

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Everred – Destination II (Excerpt)

Flustered, she got up hurriedly and rushed to the washroom. Pushing the door open, she went straight to the sink, turning on the tap to feel the cool dampness on her hands before pressing them against her face. Her heart was pounding as thoughts ran through her head.

Is this who he is, what he is now? Has it come down to just this?

She heard the door open. Bending over the sink, she pretended to wash her hands as the visitor walked towards one of the stalls and entered it.

Silencing the faucet to look back up into the mirror, he stared broodingly at his own reflection. Just then, the door behind him opened and she emerged.

Their eyes met.

She walked towards him slowly, her eyes not once leaving his face. Arriving at his side, she turned the faucet back on and washed her hands as he watched. Turning it off, she turned towards him in the same instance he turned to face her. Reaching out, his fingers traced down the side of her face.

“I will never leave you alone.”

She drew closer into him, until she could feel his breath on her lips. Leaning forward, she pressed them lightly against his, feeling the pressure of his mouth on hers, intensifying with a sense of urgency as he pulled her into his arms. She could taste his breath in her mouth as his hands travelled down the material of her blouse, blood pounding in her ears.

Suddenly, she grew aware of his forcefulness and the air became stifling. In the same instance, he tore himself away from her, sending her reeling towards the sink. Gasping in shock, she caught hold of it and looked up into the mirror.

He was gone.

But the girl looking back at her had bloodshot eyes and mascara streaks running down her face. Trembling, she took out her make-up and began reapplying it.

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