An Afternoon To Remember

I met with her at the street above the metro station; our restaurant was a short walk down and the late morning was perfect to do so.

She was dressed in a short floral frock that looked so good on her, but how unaware she was of it, with the carefree way she laughed when we chatted and the light that shone in her eyes. I checked my reflection as we passed a shop window: fitted light blue linen shirt casually unbuttoned at the neck, offwhite blazer slung over my arm – one could never be certain of the weather these days – my favourite jeans and shoes to match. Maybe I was nervous; after all, it would be our first date without our friends. Maybe it was the way I felt about her, and wondering if she knew.

We arrived soon at the establishment; instinctively I pushed the door open and turned to her with a grin.

“Oh! Thank you!” she appeared to be slightly surprised.

The waiter came to show us our table and before he could, I pulled out her chair. Again, she thanked me and blushed a little. She lowered herself and I slid the chair back to catch her as she did. Then I seated myself beside her.

“You’ve been here, so what do you recommend?” I heard her say from across the menu.

“Would you like to try the escargots?” I said, running my eyes down the menu, then looking up towards her questioningly.

“Snails?” she asked curiously. “Why… sure, I’ve never tried those before.”

“I’m sure you’ll like it; and if not, there’s always pizza and desserts,” I grinned at her as I placed the orders.

Indeed, she loved the snails, as I loved her presence. I felt as if it would never be enough, and I didn’t want it to be enough.

She rose to go to the ladies room and I rose too, and she blushed again, giving me a quick smile and whispered, “I’ll be back soon.” I nodded and lowered myself back into my seat, taking a sip of my wine. I was light-headed and I wasn’t sure if it was the wine or her who intoxicated me.

“Shall we take a walk? The weather’s pretty today,” she said, as we picked at the last morsels of our desserts.

“Sure; let me get the bill,” I gestured to the waiter and he nodded, and presently came back with a slim leather folder. Settling the bill, I rose as she did and we proceeded towards the brightness that beckoned from outside the restaurant’s glass doors.

“Thank you for the lovely lunch… I felt really special,” she said. We were walking towards the quieter part of town away from the crowds and a light breeze was blowing in the late afternoon sun.

“It was my pleasure… and thank you for accompanying me to lunch,” I replied, smiling, as we strolled.

“Do you do that to all the girls you go out with?” she asked. “You know, the opening of doors and pulling of chairs and all…”

“Well, I guess,” I pondered. “I mean so far I haven’t gone out with that many girls, but I have been taught to take care of my companion as best as I can. It’s manners I grew up with.”

“Well it felt lovely,” she sighed. “It was probably the first time a guy did those for me. Thank you for that.”

“Well… I could take care of you, you know,” I said, before I could stop myself.

“What do you mean?”

I stopped walking, man-blushed and kicked myself internally.

“What did you say?” She stopped walking too and held me in her gaze that I found difficult to meet.

“I uh… I meant I could take care of you every time we uh, come out for meals or movies and stuff… like uh, oh you know what, never mind what I said…” I was a blabbering fool.

She gazed at me a while, then leaned over. I felt the scent of her breath against my skin and her body brushing against my arm as her lips pressed against my face lightly. Time stopped in that moment as my heart remained suspended, even after she had moved away from the proximity earlier.

She laughed at my stunned reaction, linked her arm in mine, and then said, “This is an afternoon to remember.”

It is an afternoon I have yet to forget.


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9 responses to “An Afternoon To Remember

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  2. Such a rare specimen! A precious little tale.


  3. The narrator of this story does much to make this tale enchanting. We are told of his fascination for her, that she is supposed to be the focus of the tale, but the fact she finds his chivalrous behavior so charming makes me hope she is as good for him as he believes she is. Nicely done!

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  4. Thank you very much for your encouragement and for stopping by to read this little story 🙂 as life would have it, she was too shy to ask him again so it might remain a mystery for a little while yet. Thank you once again – your words made my day!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. A fun little tale about falling in love. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a worthy arc for a short tale, but this one worked beautifully. : )


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