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Sometimes Suddenly

Sometimes, suddenly –
Rain ebbs then swells
Tides rises then falls
The sun appears then hides
Clouds gather then dispels

Who am I to question
The spontaneity of Nature
The masterpiece of
Great hands, with which
My life has been shaped

So I must revel in the rain
And ride well the tide
Let the sun warm my face
Chase the clouds in my mind.


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A Sign

160525 Sign

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May 25, 2016 · 22:23

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Spotted the little flier? 😉


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One Minute

What can happen in one minute?

Arriving at a cash withdrawal machine this evening, I noticed the previous person did not remove his withdrawal receipt. Nonchalantly I pluck it off the slot and left it on the top of the machine.

Then I saw his cash at the cash slot, still waiting patiently to be taken.

There was no one when I got there, and it seemed passers-by did not see the cash. Or maybe it was too insignificant an amount to be worth the trouble.

But whoever forgot his money did not seem to have much left to live by, from what the figures on his withdrawal receipt tell, which I had hastily retrieved from the top of the machine to have another look.

His time was 21:36. Mine was 21:37.

Perhaps in another minute, the money would have been whisked away by someone else who thought it was his lucky day.

Well the bank has been contacted and the person’s withdrawal receipt has been forwarded to them (branches and phone banking are all down – only way is via email darn it.). Waiting now for the bank to tell me how to return this money to the owner. It may not be alot of money, but I think he needs it. And yep, it does feel good to be doing a good deed.

How did you spend one minute of your time today?


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Daily Prompt: Unexpected

Sudden flight cancellations
Project management hiccups
Surprise family visits
Unexpected departures
Serving to stun and shock
Then on retrospect,
Pieces are picked up
Misfitting ends are tied
As we readjust to flow
And overcome obstacles
To the peace of our lives.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

The other day I chanced upon photos from different points in time and most different locations too, with uncannily similar features. Makes me wonder if the music’s the same.



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Daily Prompt: Mid-Season Replacement

Life and
Its predictability
Changes as
The seasons, sending
Us on unexpected
Trips of faith and
Courage as
It shifts in
Its exquisite


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