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Welcome Back

Today I did it –
Pulled the plug (just for a while)
For some much-needed
Attention on the writings
That matter.

Does it matter, if I
Pulled the plug (just for a while)
I’m not sure, but for that
Sense of time in space
Perhaps, maybe, so.

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Time is never on our side
But may sometimes be persuaded
To conspire with us awhile.


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Thoughts of you barged
Into my consciousness today
Which I entertained with
Witty musings and coy wordplay;
T’was an enjoyable midnoon
One must admit; I yearn for us
Another day to convene.

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So we shall store
All these perfect or
Broken pieces of us,
That we may look back
When we have gone
Far enough, to marvel
Our tapestries of life.


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When It Rains

When it rains
I like to stand
At my window, safe
Within the shelters of my
Walls and watch the
Resoluteness as it pours;
It infuses me with
A strange melancholy
That cannot be washed away
By the redemption it brings.


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