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Destiny At The Door

How oft could two prompts in one prose fit, and
How oft would two halves in one lifetime meet?

There he stood in his suit, its sheen subtly accentuating the contours of his body beneath it. The corners of his lips curved into a smile as his eyes met mine.

“You’re here.”

“Sorry I took a while; had to settle the guys first.”

“They’re on their way home?”


He took a step towards me and I caught the scent of him – a strong mingle of the fragrance he wore and that distinct maleness that was him. The surreality of being this close to him again was swiftly overtaken by the reality of it.

Just a breath away.

Sidling past me through the doorway, he entered the room as I closed the door behind us. Turning around, I looked up to see him regarding me in a relaxed yet intense gaze. I smiled and walked towards him. In the instance I took him into my arms, I felt his around me, and for what seemed like an eternity afterwards, I was contented to remain where I was, a comforting warmth flooding my whole being.

“I’m so proud of you tonight. And I’m so glad I’m actually here to see it.”

“I’m glad you are here too.”

Pulling myself away slightly, I looked into his eyes meaningfully.

“So now we’re here.”

“Uh huh.”

“There’s nowhere else I could be.”

“Me neither.”

“Except, perhaps…”

My gaze dropped to where my fingers were playfully teasing his blazer button. Biting my lip in a grin, I glanced back up. He was watching me. Then, he reached out and gently fingered the topmost clasp of the string of three that held my blouse together. He gazed intently at it, as though examining it in detail.

“How does this work?”

“This is the traditional way of wearing the blouse, held together with this chain of brooches.”

“Ah, I see.”

Still fingering the brooch, he proceeded to depress the surface with his thumb as his finger slid the slender pin behind aside. Pulling it gently away from the folds it held together, he brought it down slowly then released it, letting it hang precariously from its chain as I gasped, feeling a sudden loosening at my neckline.

“So that’s how it works.”

I blushed as he drew closer; I could feel his breath on my lips and his hand low on my back, pulling me in towards him.

“That it is.”

In that moment, time seemed to have stilled and us rendered motionless, except for my quickened breathing and pounding heart. I could feel his lowered gaze on me, and I hung, half fearful, half yearning, on it.

And then, our souls ignited.

The room was spinning euphorically in a slow-motion whirlwind and I felt his arms urgently drawing me into him as I wrapped mine around his neck. His lips were pressed against mine and I could taste the soft moistness of his tongue in my mouth. He was fire, and so was I.

He began flowing into me, and as he did a warmth oozed from my very centre and flowed into my veins and across my body; it permeated every inch of my skin and my pores; it washed over my senses, what I feel and taste, hear and see, and I realised that I too was flowing into him.

The reunion of soul halves, the one I never knew I was searching for.

I was completed, perfected, washed ablaze. I was home.

And now that I know of your existence, I could never leave you alone.



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Destiny, being unchangeable,
Should thus be accepted.

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Since this world can hold
Only the imperfect, their
Love could not exist.

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Daily Prompt: Recognize

No matter how far apart
Our souls’ halves shall always
Recognize each other by the
Rhythm of our hearts.


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The Stranger

More than once we’d been at the same place at the same time. Maybe there is a story both our souls could tell.

I saw him again today –
Coloured etches up his arm, they
Infiltrate, partially concealed, behind
A quiet demeanour, leathered
Trinkets and woven chains, adorning
The story they tell.

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Angel Eyes

This prose is surely not mine
And only a title will I give;
But those who know it know its depths
And the depths it shall redeem.

And when the shaves of pure light
Dance in her clear eyes,
I see my angel for the first time,
Know my purpose, feel my birth,
Hear, at first faintly, then distinctly,
The sweet strains of our union,
Our love heats up the cold universe,
And gives my tired, desperate hope a
Reason and season to be revealed,
We, purified by our kisses,
Are eternally healed.

– ‘Thomas More’ in “The Saint”


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But before I leave

But before I leave
I would never say goodbye
For wherever we may be
Destiny awaits in time.

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