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Not Counting

“There’s a cafe here but I don’t see a name.”

“Oh… I’ll come down now.”

She stood at the lift lobby and waited as people went about their activities around her. It’s been so long since they met – she wondered if it would still feel the same as back when.

After what felt longer than a mere few minutes, one of the lift doors slid open and a familiar figure stepped out. And as she recognised him, he too caught sight of her and broke into a smile.

“It’s so good to see you again! Been more than ten years!” She felt his comforting warmth in their hug, and then they separated from each other.

“Nah.. it’s only been five.”

A hint of amusement passed over his face before he shrugged.

“Well… I’m not counting.”

“Neither am I.”

And as they walked into the cafe, she knew nothing much really has changed.

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Time is never on our side
But may sometimes be persuaded
To conspire with us awhile.


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But before I leave

But before I leave
I would never say goodbye
For wherever we may be
Destiny awaits in time.

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The Rain Must Fall

A tune I listened, another title I wrote.

If I made you doubt
Your perfection for me
I never meant it
That way;
The rain must fall
So flowers will grow
And time must pass
So the truth will show.


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Excluding those fortunate enough to be working their passions.   

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Time Between

The night falls hither
And stars are all abright
Yonder, clouds of purple hues
As the moon begins to rise

When time separates our worlds
What happens to time between?
Stand still as you close your eyes
Meet me in spirit within.

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Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

When I look in the
Mirror I see more lines
Though I feel much the same
As when I was twenty-five
More lines on my face
Etching life’s lessons learnt
But a wiser me I get
In return.


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Daily Prompt: Bloggers, Unplugged

Usually I am pretty driven and focussed when I work on my stuff, particularly now when I am back to being a full-time student while still being an all-the-time writer. It being a distance-learning course adds to the challenge of being disciplined.

So every morning after grabbing some breakfast, I will sit myself down at the table, cross-legged, a cup of strong coffee beside Tristan (my mac), and start scrolling through the readings (or typing out copy for clients).

The moment I run out of coffee – unplug time! That’s also usually after two or three hours of undivided attention on Tristan (just can’t take my eyes off that fella) so my eyes need the timely break. During this time I will (i) yawn loudly and stretch, (ii) make myself some lunch and the second cuppa, and (iii) empty all thoughts for a while with some favourite tunes like this:

The cycle begins all over again with the second cuppa, which will last me till it’s time to get dinner ready. After dinner, it’s time to check out the daily prompt before I wind down for the day with some lovely jazz and the man.

As the Chinese saying goes “Rest and travel further”.
Now, where’s my coffee again?


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