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Ideal State

Between human subjectivity
And absolute knowledge
Lies the ideal state of mind
Where I long to linger
Yet cannot reside.


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Daily Prompt: Let’s Go Crazy

Broken out in song
In a crowded hallway
Waited backstage for the
Male lead to sign my page

Returned a random smile
Dropped coins in someone’s hands
Took a slow walk in the rain
Sent a letter to my fav’rit band

Said a prayer for healing with
A stranger’s hand in mine
Tasted reckless passion
Sweet pain just like red wine

Fought for my right to love
Eloped and ran away
Then to live out each moment
For the rest of my days.


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Imagine driving along the coastline
Winds tangling our hairs
Hear him rambling in his deep deep voice
While the radio plays in the air.
What a fine evening we’d have there!


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