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Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

An abhorrent sign
Perhaps, of time passed,
Moments left, degeneration

Yet nonetheless

An intricate mark
Perhaps, of time lived,
Moments loved, celebration.



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Love is:

Someone asked me my definition of love the other day; I’d given an off-the-cuff reply but then realized I had never really thought about what it is to me – I just feel what I think is love. So I delved and got these below. I may not be adept in every aspect yet, but surely I’ll get better with every step.

Love is:

Inexplicable attraction and
Enduring commitment
It is acceptance without judgment
That breathes life and renews hope

It is a listening ear, a protective embrace
A tempered temperament of trust, faith and grace
It remains steadfast amidst despair
And guides us out from darkness’ lair

Love gives without reason
It wants nothing to its name
Except perhaps a greater wisdom
In higher places it will bring.

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Daily Prompt: Elegant

Charming by nature, elegant by grace.

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Part 2: Resurrection

In its final hour
My heart began to pray
In dire desperation
To bid my soul to stay;
A subtle ebb of warmth
In mercy and saving grace
Resurrection is now complete
But nothing will be the same.

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A Sign

160525 Sign

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May 25, 2016 · 22:23

The Seed

For the seed I’m given
Let me plough in the soil
Washed by storms and
Nourished by grace;
I know not its outcomes
But harvest by faith.

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From Love

Wishing one and all a most beautiful Christmas and an inspiring year ahead. 🙂
2014 Christmas eCard (Awl Scribe)
(Photo location: Saint Joseph’s Church, Singapore)

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