Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

On aging I observe
Some people just never
Grow up while others
Mature before their time

I’d like to grow wiser
In thoughts and actions
While I attempt to destroy
My wrinkles by annihilation

Yet as I try to age
Gracefully through the years
I get bombarded by
Juvenility that appears

In latest pop hits and fashion styles
They attack my aging cells
Till I become unrecognizable of age
Which is actually pretty swell.



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15 responses to “Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

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  9. growing older, wow annihilating wrinkles, I am so there love that imagery, instead of talking them, attacking them in a war like fashion, nice. About the wiser I am not sure if I am there yet,, maybe a little – love your prose!


    • Dear Claudia,
      Thank you for your compliments! Yeah I wish one could really stay time at the age we choose but oh well.. Good to imagine anyway hehehe. Have a great day!


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