Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections

It must have begun with those diaries
Which I very diligently wrote
To preserve eventful memories
Of things I’d seen or spoke

Then one fateful day I penned
That commended page of description
That virgin masterpiece that gave
My spine a thrilling sensation

I guess I never forgot
That first taste of writer’s success
When it rekindled in later years of youth
There was no more turning back

I didn’t realise yet this was my gift
Until it was by chance
Someone needed a copywrite
And so my career begun

It did not start out easy
But I was happy just to write
To see the words form on each page
From all those thoughts inside

The more I wrote the deeper I loved
I guess I developed some knack
Till it’s now a delirious addiction
But I think I’m on the right track.



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  16. Lovely poetry. Enjoyed the line ‘The more I wrote the deeper I loved’ so much. Look forward to reading more of your work.


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